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A 3rdpower curve has a 2ndpower derivative. The 2nd wer derivative has at most two points, solutions, where the derivative is zero. A 4 power curve has a 3rd power derivative and at most three points where the derivative is zero and so on for higher power curves. The number of points where a polynomial has zero slope is at most equal to one less than the power of the polynomial. There is, however, another little twist to this rule as illustrated in the following problem.
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Introduction to Database Development
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Command Abbreviation and Completion
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Mixers are 3-port active or passive devices. They are designed to yield both a sum and a difference frequency at a single output port when two distinct input frequencies are inserted into the other two ports. This process is called frequency conversion (or heterodyning), and is found in most communications gear. It is used so that we may increase or decrease a signal s frequency. The two signals inserted into the two input ports will normally be a continuous wave, produced within the radio by a local oscillator, and the incoming (for a receiver) or outgoing (for a transmitter) signal. If we want to produce an output frequency that is lower than the input signal frequency, then it is called down-conversion; if we want to produce an output signal that is at a higher frequency than the input signal, it is referred to as up-conversion. Indeed, most AM, SSB, and digital transmitters require mixers to convert up to a higher frequency for transmission into space, while superheterodyne receivers require a mixer to convert a received signal to a much lower frequency. This lower received frequency is then called the intermediate frequency (IF). Receivers must use this lower frequency signal, as it is much easier to efficiently amplify and filter with the IF stages tuned and optimized for a single, low band of frequencies, and the receiver s gain and selectivity are thus increased. The frequency conversion process within the nonlinear mixer produces the intermediate frequency by the heterodyning, or beating, of the input signal with the receiver s own internal LO. This mixer circuit can consist of a diode, BJT, or FET that is overdriven or biased to run within the nonlinear part of its operation. However, the beating of the two input signals yields not only the signal, the local oscillator, and the sum and difference frequencies of these two signals, but also many spurious frequencies at the mixer s output port. Nonetheless, most of these undesired frequencies will be filtered out within the receiver s IF, resulting in the new desired frequency (consisting of the carrier and any sidebands) now at the difference frequency. This new lower frequency will then be amplified and further filtered as it passes through the fixed tuned IF strip.
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Figure 8-1
Part I:
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