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The ISAKMP and IKE protocols define how to establish an IPSec session between two peers. Three connections make up the session: one management and two data connections. The connections are built across two phases: in Phase 1, the management connection is built, and in Phase 2, the data connections are built. The management connection is used to share IPSec-related information between the peers. The data connections are used to protect actual user traffic between the peers. The data connections are unidirectional, which is why there are two, and are protected with either the AH and/or ESP protocols. Of the two, ESP is by far the most common one used for an IPSec session. The remainder of this chapter will focus on global and Phase 1 properties that you can or need to configure on your security appliance. Most of the commands to configure IPSec on an appliance are very similar to those used on Cisco IOS routers. Some, especially those relating to tunnel groups, are very different, though. Some of the commands introduced here will be more thoroughly covered in subsequent chapters.
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Once a macro name has been defined, it can be used as part of the definition of other macro names. For example, the following code defines the names ONE, TWO, and THREE to their respective values:
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E X A M P L E 4.15
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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Although each environment differs in size and complexity, here are some general guidelines when choosing the database type for the storage of the data store. If your environment does not fit a specific area, err on the side of caution and round up! Murphy and his laws are right around the corner. Small Servers Named Users Applications 1 50 <150 1 50 Medium 25 100 <3000 50 100 Large 50 100 <5000 100 500 Enterprise >100 >5000 >500
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Digital Photography Getting to Know Your PC and Correcting Images QuickSteps Enhancing PC QuickSteps
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Complex Logical Expression List the offer number, course number, and faculty Social Security number for course offerings scheduled in fall 2 0 0 5 or winter 2 0 0 6 . SELECT OfferNo, CourseNo, FacSSN FROM Offering WHERE (OffTerm = 'FALL' AND OffYear = 2005) OR (OffTerm = 'WINTER' AND OffYear = 2006) OfferNo 1234 4321 4444 5555 5678 6666 CourseNo IS320 IS320 IS320 FIN300 IS480 FIN450 FacSSN 098-76-5432 098-76-5432 543-21-0987 765-43-2109 987-65-4321 987-65-4321
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Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference no Applies to all elements Media Groups visual
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Excel will always be refreshing the worksheet to take into account any changes that have been made. If you have set the calculation setting to Automatic except for tables, then you must press this F9 key if you want to update your data tables. Other calculations will be refreshed automatically. If your setting is for manual calculation, then you must remember to press this key to ensure that the screen shows the latest set of calculated numbers. This is especially important prior to any printing. CtrlQAltQF9 Forced Calculation As your model becomes more complex and sizable, Excel must keep track of the myriad of calculations in it. Occasionally, though not very often, you may find that the numbers do not seem to be updating properly. One reason is that Excel has an intelligent recalculation feature that is supposed to minimize the recalculations it has to do (i.e., it knows when cells do not need to be recalculated because the results will not change with further recalculations). This feature can lead to a situation where the recalculation does not happen when it should happen. In this case, use this sequence to override the intelligent recalculation feature and force Excel to go through a refresh. One hint: as we go deeper into modeling, you will be using circular references. As mentioned in the previous chapter, you will need to set Excel to the calculation setting to allow iterations. If you find that the numbers are not recalculating, no matter how many times you press F9 or Ctrl Alt F9, check that the iteration setting has been enabled. If you have circular references and the iteration setting is off, the recalculation cannot proceed. F10: Make the Menu Bar Active F10 will allow you to select items on the menu bar by the keyboard. When you press F10, you will see that the File menu item on the menu bar seems to be on a raised level. This indicates that the menu bar can now be selected by pressing the keys on the
A Better Universe
Headends and Signal Processing
Just as the integral may be used to calculate planar area and spatial volume, so this tool may also be used to calculate the arc length of a curve and surface area. The basic idea is to approximate the length of a curve by the length of its piecewise linear approximation. A similar comment applies to the surface area. We begin by describing the basic rubric.
To understand why 8 is used to determine if bit 4 is set, recall that, in binary, 8 is represented as 0000 1000. Thus, the number 8 has only the fourth bit set. Therefore, the if statement can succeed only when bit 4 of status is also on. An interesting use of this technique is the disp_binary( ) function, shown next. It displays, in binary format, the bit pattern of its argument. You will use disp_binary( ) later in this chapter to examine the effects of other bitwise operations.
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