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On your hand calculator raise e to a power, then take the In of that number to return to the original power (number). [ e3 = 20; ln20 = 3 ] As you go through the problems in this chapter keep your calculator handy and practice "punching the numbers."
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5. On your own, try enhancing CompFiles with various options. For example, add an option
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If we evaporate the water, then all that should remain is the salt, NaCl.
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Let s look closely at this example. MyClass does not define a constructor, so only the default constructor is available. Thus, it is not possible to set the values of a and b using a constructor. However, the class factory Factory( ) can create objects in which a and b are given values. Moreover, since a and b are private, using Factory( ) is the only way to set these values. In Main( ), a MyClass object is instantiated, and its factory method is used inside the for loop to create ten other objects. The line of code that creates objects is shown here:
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As mentioned earlier in this chapter, Frame Relay is implemented between the Frame Relay DTE and the Frame Relay DCE. How the frame is carried across the Frame Relay carrier s network is not specified. In almost all situations, ATM is used as the layer 2 transport. ATM, like Frame Relay, uses VCs. ATM, however, uses a different nomenclature in assigning an address to a VC. In ATM, two identifiers are assigned to a VC: a virtual path identifier (VPI) and a virtual channel identifier (VCI). These two numbers serve the same purpose that a DLCI serves in Frame Relay. Like DLCIs, the VPI/VCI value is locally significant. Two standards, FRF.5 and FRF.8, define how the frame and address conversion takes place between Frame Relay and ATM:
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ADMs (see Figure 11.6). Service providers may, therefore, deploy MSPPs to provide multi-service access, while still making use of their multi-billion dollar investment in traditional SONET equipment.
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Matrix management refers to a situation in which you report to two bosses at once: one up the hierarchy, and one sideways across it. The idea is to organize the company in two different ways simultaneously based on different criteria. For example, the boss up the ladder is responsible for the project you re on, and all the other people on the same project report to her. The boss to the side oversees all the people with the same kind of job, no matter what project they re on in other words, all the artists in the company report sideways to an art director. (See Figure 6-4 for an example.) The purpose of this is usually to create and enforce certain standards across projects: if all the artists are required by their art director (sideways) to use a particular style or particular methods, the company s products will be more uniform and development times more predictable. That s the theory, at least. In practice, this can cause problems, for two reasons. First, what happens when your two bosses disagree with one another over how to do something Even with clearly defined areas of authority there are often exceptions, for pragmatic reasons for example, perhaps the development manager (upward) will ask you to use a technique or tool that the art director (sideways) doesn t approve of, because the development manager thinks it will help the game get finished sooner. The art director, who has no loyalty to any given project, stands on principle and complains that the development manager is undermining his authority. Confusion ensues and time is wasted. The other reason matrix management can cause problems is that employees are like cats: they really only love whoever feeds them. When there are conflicting orders, or
of methods format data, including Console.WriteLine( ), String.Format( ), and the ToString( ) method defined for the numeric structure types. The same approach to formatting is used by all three; once you have learned to format data for one, you can apply it to the others.
use the appliance CTP feature, which can authenticate a user s connection attempt before allowing the user to reach the restricted server or servers. The next section will discuss how CTP works.
In this example, the e0/1 interface is activated, and two VLANs are associated with the physical interface in the system area. A context, called CTX1, is created that includes these two interfaces (with mapped names), and the configuration file for the context is located in the appliance flash memory.
Client Z Groupwise
Clicking the Use Disk Cache for Bitmaps check box in the Program Neighborhood client settings causes commonly used bitmaps (images) to be stored locally on your client so that they do not have to be transferred over the ICA connection every time they are needed.
preceding output. In this example, EIGRP is enabled for Ethernet0/0 and Serial1/0 in AS 100 and one EIGRP peer is off of each interface.
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Fig. 1-7
The following issues need to be addressed to ensure adequate quality assurance and quality control of bridge structures. 1. Following systematic quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) procedures (NBIS 23 CFR 650.313g). 2. Compiling data on deterioration rates of bridges and of speci c components should be compiled. 3. Developing public relations guidelines for funding needs. 4. Researching and developing a model inspection manual that would make use of detailed photographs, illustrations, and detailed drawings. Such a manual can be incorporated into state and local inspection manuals. 5. Developing a central database of bridge deterioration information to indicate signs and symptoms of distress. 6. Incorporating inspectability guidelines (for example, providing easier access for inspection, chambers for bearing inspection, etc.) into design speci cations for new bridges so that inspection tasks are made easier. 7. Increasing or reducing frequency of inspections based on risk assessment. 8. Increasing use of NDE technologies: Educating inspectors and owners on readily available NDE technologies without extensive funding.
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