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any type can be specified for T. Thus, it is legal to create MyGenClass objects in which T is replaced by int, double, string, FileStream, or any other type. Although having no restrictions on the type argument is fine for many purposes, sometimes it is useful to limit the types that can be bound to a type parameter. For example, you might want to create a method that operates on the contents of a stream, including a FileStream or MemoryStream. This situation seems perfect for generics, but you need some way to ensure that only stream types are used as type arguments. You don t want to allow a type argument of int, for example. You also need some way to tell the compiler that the methods defined by a stream will be available for use. For example, your generic code needs some way to know that it can call the Read( ) method. To handle such situations, C# provides constrained types. When specifying a type parameter, you can specify a constraint that the type parameter must satisfy. This is accomplished through the use of a where clause when specifying the type parameter, as shown here: class class-name<type-param> where type-param : constraints { // ... Here, constraints is a comma-separated list of constraints. C# defines the following types of constraints:
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Exterior temperature sensor placement
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OSPF routers use link state advertisements (LSAs) to communicate with each other. One type of LSA is a hello, which is used to form neighbor relationships and as a keep-alive function. Hellos are generated every ten seconds. When sharing link information (directly
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As you can see, although the for loop is designed to run from 10 to 10, the break statement causes it to terminate early, when i becomes positive. The break statement can be used with any of C# s loops. For example, here is the previous program recoded to use a do-while loop:
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N a m e s p a c e s , t h e P r e p r o c e s s o r, a n d A s s e m b l i e s
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When the user wishes to place a call, the steps are straightforward. The process is very similar to making a wired call. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Pick up the handset and dial the digits. After entering the digits, press the send key. The information is a dialogue between the MTSO and the handset. The MTSO receives the information and begins the call setup to a trunk connection. The mobile office scans the available channels in the cell and selects one. The mobile office sends a message to the handset telling it which channel to use. The handset then tunes its frequency to the assigned channel. The mobile office connects that channel to the trunk used to set up the call. The call is connected, and the user has a conversational path in both directions.
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There are 3 command-line arguments. They are: one two three
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Figure 10-17 This is the tabular report after the parameters have been entered and the report is executed.
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overcooked batteries, fried wires, and oil filled the air. It was heaven. It was also my robot Spike s first time competing as a lightweight. We came in third, but where we wound up didn t matter. Just being a part of the action was thrilling enough. If you needed a screwdriver or blew a gasket, someone was there with a spare to help you get your bot back into the fray. When our Tekin speed control turned into a smoking slagpile, we got a loaner from the guy we were going to be up against in the next match. In the pit, we were all on the same team, working toward a common goal. However, once our bot was in the arena, all bets were off, and it was mano a mano: let the best-made machine win.
28.7.3 Polarization-mode dispersion (PMD)
Switch-B s configuration would look like this:
PDH Networks PDH Networks: Principles of Digital Transmission 153
1. Follow your teacher s directions for disposing
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What is happening to hormone levels in the follicular phase
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