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C AUTION If you specify a character database field as a number and attempt to use it as a measure,
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ciscoasa(config)# tunnel-group-map default-group tunnel_group_name ciscoasa(config)# tunnel-group-map map_name rule_# tunnel_group_name
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The Universal Printer feature (not to be confused with the Citrix universal print drivers) available with Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 and higher is designed to relieve the burden of administering a multitude of print drivers and to avoid problems with driver maintenance, replication, and other client printing issues. The universal print solution employs a Citrix-developed universal driver along with the underlying network infrastructure, which allows this driver to remotely manipulate most of the settings of a client-side printer. The universal print driver capability is automatically installed on all computers running XenApp Server, where it acts like a proxy for print drivers operating on the Windows client. For example, actual printer capabilities and validated printer document settings are retrieved directly from the client (with intelligent caching) as required by applications on the server.
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Voice and Policies
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To avoid overwriting the original files, it s a good idea to save the processed files in a different folder. If you are saving the processed files in the same folder, make sure you rename them as outlined in step 6.
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database diagram. If you feel more comfortable with the 1-M style, then use it. In terms of the ERD, the M-N and 1-M styles have the same meaning. The transformation of an M-N relationship into 1-M relationships is similar to repre senting an M-way relationship using 1 -M relationships. Whenever an M-N relationship is represented as an associative entity type and two 1-M relationships, the new entity type is identification dependent on both 1-M relationships, as shown in Figure 5.18. Similarly, when representing M-way relationships, the associative entity type is identification depen dent on all 1-M relationships as shown in Figures 5.16 and 5.17. There is one situation when the 1-M style is preferred to the M-N style. When an M-N relationship must be related to other entity types in relationships, you should use the 1-M style. For example, assume that in addition to enrollment in a course offering, attendance in each class session should be recorded. In this situation, the 1-M style is preferred be cause it is necessary to link an enrollment with attendance records. Figure 5.19 shows the Attendance entity type added to the ERD of Figure 5.18. Note that an M-N relationship between the Student and Offering entity types would not have allowed another relationship
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Bridge needs to be supported during construction.
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10.4.2 Software radio designs
3. Drawing a Conclusion Knowing that this was a chemical reaction, explain why the mass
An electric motor is a mechanical device that converts electrical energy into motion, and that can be further adapted to do useful work such as pulling, pushing, lifting, stirring, or oscillating. It is an ideal application of the fundamental properties of magnetism and electricity. Before looking at DC motors and their properties, let s review some fundamentals.
Zone Name
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When a user starts the port forwarding process, the Windows local host file is copied to hosts.webvpn in the same directory. To ensure that the Windows local host file is returned to its original state after a user is done using port-forwarded applications, the user should close the pop-up window with the port forwarding rules. This will restore the original file and delete the file called hosts.webvpn. If users don t follow this procedure, or they ungracefully close down the WebVPN clientless session or lose power to their PC, the next time they try to start up port forwarding, they ll receive this error message: Backup HOSTS file.
Because the data collectors store all dynamic information in memory, it is important that the ZDC has sufficient RAM to store all the records. For a farm consisting of 1,000 servers and 10,000 users, the data collector consumes approximately 200MB of memory. Memory usage can vary, based on the number of published applications and users in the farm. The CPU plays an important role in determining the number of resolutions the data collector can process in conjunction with managing dynamic information. In general, a fast dual processor server with 1GB of memory makes a good ZDC. It is important that all data collectors in the farm are sized to accommodate the largest zone. Because data collectors must manage the global state of the farm, they require the same processing capability of the other data collectors in the farm, regardless of the size of their particular zone. Likewise, if the data collector needs to be dedicated for one zone, all data collectors in the farm should be dedicated for their own zones.
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