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The speci cations cover three coating systems as described in Table 9.3.
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group_name ipsec-attributes pre-shared-key key peer-id-validate {cert | nocheck | req} trust-point name_of_CA isakmp keepalive threshold seconds retry seconds ciscoasa(config-tunnel-ipsec)# isakmp ikev1-user-authentication {none | xauth | hybrid} ciscoasa(config)# tunnel-group ciscoasa(config-tunnel-ipsec)# ciscoasa(config-tunnel-ipsec)# ciscoasa(config-tunnel-ipsec)# ciscoasa(config-tunnel-ipsec)#
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A more useful Equation is shown in equation 4, where the temperature, TC, is in degrees Celsius:
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3Smart applications can also manage the loading and unloading of images as needed to deal with the buffer restrictions, if necessary.
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In the previous section, I discussed the notion of establishing recovery targets and the development of architectures, processes, and procedures. The processes and procedures are related to the normal operation of those new technologies as they will be operated
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rugged construction, and the stud-type terminal posts with bolts and nuts. This case and construction is common to all family members in this 6-volt line. Figure 8-5 shows you a 12-volt unit, the 5SHP model case mockup previewed by Trojan at the September 1992 Burbank Alternate Transportation Expo. You might (or might not) have the EV label on the batteries you buy from your distributor. Table 8-2 gives you the details of this lineup of five recommended EV battery choices from Trojan. Other than suggested list price an area that we ll save for special discussion this is all from published data that you can get from your local dealer. It lays out everything you need, but doesn t quite give it to you in the form you need it yet. Figure 8-6, also drawn from published data, shows the actual capacity versus time performance charts; notice the similar performance of the 6-volt and 12-volt data groups. You can use this data to determine the results of applying actual loads to any of the batteries you choose. Figure 8-7 is from actual Trojan data on the T-105 model battery calculated 6/29/92. It is the real-life example of an equation shown earlier: Battery Life Cycles 5 Kd/Depth of Discharge In In this figure Kd is around 28,000, so it shows that Trojan technology is pushing its deep-cycle batteries into the industrial battery area. In other words, the T-105 model and its other family members are heavy-duty deep-discharge batteries. To figure out how many batteries you need, first determine the voltage at which you are going to operate your EV conversion. This voltage is established from your chassis, motor, and controller trade-offs, and heavily influenced by ultimate use, longest range, or fastest acceleration. Our objective here is to pick the best battery for 10 s actual pickup conversion, so the operating voltage of 120 volts has been selected. Assuming you want all your batteries of the same type, and also that you re not going to use any tricky series-parallel wiring combinations, this means you ll either require 20 of the 6-volt batteries or 10 of the 12-volt batteries, all wired in series to obtain the 120 volts. When you wire your batteries in series, the total capacity available the total ampere-hours is the same as that available from any one battery. The total watt-hours is simply the total voltage times the total ampere-hours. The total weight, cubic feet, and cost is
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The eld of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), as it is called in the United States, or microsystems technology (MST), as it is called in Europe and elsewhere, deals with devices that are in the size range of micrometers. To appreciate the size of MEMS, consider the size of traditional macroscale machines, which can be seen with the naked eye and are manufactured using traditional machining methods. Some critical dimensions of the macromachinery can be very small (at the micrometer or even nanometer level), especially when they are used as precision instrumentation. Even in those cases, they are not called micromachinery or MEMS because in the micro category the general dimensions, not just the smallest and critical dimensions, are in the size range of microns. In MEMS, based on the current microfabrication technologies, the smallest dimension can be onetenth of a micrometer and the overall size of the device can be of the order of millimeters and sometimes even a centimeter. In recent years, there has been signi cant interest in nanoscale systems. This third category is clearly different from MEMS just as MEMS is different from macromachinery. In nanoscale devices, the general dimensions are in the range of nanometers, and the smallest dimension can be as small as a few atoms across. Thus, this category of devices is sometimes called molecular machinery. MEMS is therefore in between macro- and nanoscale devices. The MEMS technology is more than mere miniaturization of the macroscale devices and systems. MEMS devices are not only smaller but are also more functional, faster, and cheaper than their macro counterparts. The reasons for enhanced functionality are twofold. First, there are advantages when some physical, chemical, and biological devices are scaled down to the micro level. An example of this comes from numerous ways of modulating light using microoptomechanical devices comprising mechanical structures with feature sizes and movements in the range of wavelengths of visible light. Likewise, microchemical reactors make it easier to have an extremely well-controlled environment for the reaction to take place and also lead the way to distributed microreactor arrays. Second, complete integration of sensors, actuators, electronics, and components made of movable solids and uids is possible to an unprecedented degree. This integration does not refer to just an assembled nal product composed of a variety of subsystems but to a truly integrated product that is conceived, designed, and fabricated in a uni ed manner. Furthermore, MEMS devices can usually be operated at higher speeds than macrodevices because of the way in which their inertia, stiffness, and time constants of various phenomena scale when the size is decreased. The micron-scale size of MEMS devices can be mainly attributed to the choice of material and the fabrication processes used to make them. They could be made, for example, 10 to 100 times larger while still retaining their functional advantages over macrodevices. However, the MEMS eld has its origins in microelectronics, as it was natural to make micromechanical components using the same fabrication processes used to make integrated chip (IC) circuits. The economical bene ts of MEMS devices are a direct consequence of batch fabrication and of the well-developed microfabrication techniques of the IC industry. As the MEMS eld progressed rapidly from the late eighties, traditional microfabrication techniques for MEMS have been substantially enhanced and a number of new techniques have been developed speci cally for MEMS. The study of MEMS began with applications and is advancing rapidly with an increasing number of applications in a wide range of elds. In the mid-1960s, researchers at Westinghouse Research Laboratories developed a resonant gate transistor that used gold beams that are only 100 microns long. Miniaturized pressure sensors using silicon were built even before that. In the 1960s and 1970s, a number of sensors and devices that used movable micromechanical elements were developed. Tuning forks, accelerometers, projection dis-
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We now proceed to the task of balancing the balance sheet. There are two ways to balance the balance sheet: 1. Through the cash flow statement 2. Through the balance sheet I recommend the balance sheet method, simply because it is simpler and less prone to errors. However, let s go over the cash flow statement method first.
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Sobtion: Sketch a right triangle and label the sides as shown in Fig. 8-3.
Oscillator Design
Total height = 4.5833 ft Horizontal loads Wind Pressure on beam = 50 Wind Load on Structure = ksf
Using Designer to Build a Basic Universe
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