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Both pattern-dependent and random sources of jitter can be identified in regenerators. The three most important pattern-dependent sources are:
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Data Integrity Testing
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You might have hard rubber tires with large-diameter axles and heavy rims, but continued pounding by another robot can take its toll on your machine s wheels in nothing flat. An easy way to protect the tires is to have them enclosed within a heavy part of the body s shell, or you can mount a rim around the outside at the tire s most vulnerable parts. You must make this outer shell structure or rim strong so that denting caused by a hazard or opponent s weapon will not cause any part of the metal structure to come in contact with the tire, in which case it could act like a brake or cut the tire. There are more ways to provide power to wheels than we could ever print in this book. Belt drives have been used successfully, as well as friction drives on the wheels. Canted wheel drives have been used on several robots to provide a wide wheelbase in a smaller-sized robot. Your best approach is to look at what s been done, what bot designs have consistently won over a period of time, and what designs seem to have been problematic. As we mentioned in the beginning, we will never attempt to tell you what is the best design with a bit of experimenting, you might be able to produce something better than any of today s champion bots.
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emphasis Amplifying a given range of recorded frequency signals in order to reproduce the original signal during playback. emulate For DVD and BD, to test the function of a disc on a computer after formatting a complete disc image. encode To transform data for storage or transmission, usually in such a way that redundancies are eliminated or complexity is reduced. Most compression is based on one or more encoding methods. Data such as audio or video is encoded for efficient storage or transmission and is decoded for access or display. encoder 1) A circuit or program that encodes (and thereby compresses) audio or video; 2) a circuit that converts component digital video to composite analog video. DVD players include TV encoders to generate standard television signals from decoded video and audio; 3) a circuit that converts multichannel audio to two-channel matrixed audio. Enhanced CD A general term for various techniques that add computer software to a music CD, producing a disc that can be played in a music player or read by a computer. Also called CD Extra, CD Plus, hybrid CD, interactive music CD, mixed-mode CD, pre-gap CD, or track-zero CD. entropy coding Variable-length, lossless coding of a digital signal to reduce redundancy. RLE, Huffman, CABAC, and CAVLC are examples of entropy coding. MPEG-2, AVC, VC-1, DTS, and Dolby Digital (AC-3) apply entropy coding after the quantization step. MLP also uses entropy coding. EQ Equalization of audio. error-correction code Additional information added to data to allow errors to be detected and possibly corrected. Ethernet A common system for connecting computers and devices together in a local area network (LAN) to share data. Many BD players have Ethernet ports to access the Internet. ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute. EVD Enhanced versatile disc. A high-definition optical disc format in China, officially endorsed by the Chinese government. Originally planned to move from red laser to blue laser and use multilevel recording, but did not achieve the success hoped for by its backers. Competed with HDV and HVD. export To convert data to another form of data or media. extension stream For DTS audio, a substream that extends the core stream with additional channels or additional audio resolution. extent 1) For the volume structure and the ISO 9660 file structure, an extent is defined as a set of logical sectors, the logical sector numbers of which form a continuous ascending sequence. The address, or location, of an extent is the number of the first logical sector in the sequence. 2) For the UDF file structure an extent is defined as a set of logical blocks, the logical block numbers of which form a continuous ascending sequence. The address, or location, of an extent is the number of the first logical block in the sequence. father The metal master disc formed by electroplating the glass master. The father disc is used to make mother discs, from which multiple stampers (sons) can be made. field A set of alternating scan lines in an interlaced video picture. A frame is made of a top (odd) field and a bottom (even) field. file A collection of data stored on a disc, usually in groups of sectors. file system A defined way of storing files, directories, and information about them on a data storage device. DVD and BD use versions of the UDF file system. filter (verb) To reduce the amount of information in a signal. (noun) A circuit or process that reduces the amount of information in a signal. Analog filtering usually removes certain frequencies. Digital filtering (when not emulating analog filtering) usually averages together multiple adjacent pixels, lines, or frames to create a single new pixel, line, or frame. This generally causes a loss of detail, especially with complex images or rapid motion. See letterbox filter. Compare to interpolate.
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Simplify the expression
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Wireless Essentials
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Applying Precise Transformation
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Guaranteed Incentive Table
The floating-point types can represent numbers that have fractional components. There are two kinds of floating-point types, float and double, which represent single- and doubleprecision numbers, respectively. The type float is 32 bits wide and has an approximate range of 1.5E 45 to 3.4E+38. The double type is 64 bits wide and has an approximate range of 5E 324 to 1.7E+308. Of the two, double is the most commonly used. One reason for this is that many of the math functions in C# s class library (which is the .NET Framework library) use double values. For example, the Sqrt( ) method (which is defined by the library class System.Math) returns a double value that is the square root of its double argument. Here, Sqrt( ) is used to compute the radius of a circle given the circle s area:
Space Security Unit
tially refracted into the cladding, where it will eventually be lost while a portion will be reflected back into the core. Now that we understand the basic principles of fabrication and general flow of light within an optical fiber let s try to define the characteristics , of this light conductor or waveguide. First, let s discuss cable metrics and terms that define different optical fiber characteristics.
As you can see, the new-style syntax uses the template<> construct to indicate specialization. The type of data for which the specialization is being created is placed inside the angle brackets following the function name. This same syntax is used to specialize any type of generic function. While there is no advantage to using one specialization syntax over the other, the new-style is probably a better approach for the long term. Manual overloading of a template, as shown in this example, allows you to specially tailor a version of a generic function to accommodate a special situation. In
1 SRC IP = SRC Port = 1024 DST IP = DST Port = 23 2
we decided our first step should be getting the motors; we could design the robot around them. We decided to use cordless drill motors in our bot. My friend Larry Barello, a FIRST competition mentor, recommended that we use Bosch or Dewalt drill motors. After some searching, we found a Bosch 18-volt cordless drill that had a stall torque of 430 in.-lb., and a no-load speed of 500 RPM. Some quick calculations showed that with 8-inch diameter wheels, our robot would top out at 12 MPH, which is pretty quick for a robot. After spending $400 on the first two drills, we decided to get the rest of them from a local Bosch repair facility. We now had the replacement part numbers and all we needed was the electric motors and gearboxes. Why spend the extra money on the case, batteries, and the drill body and chuck since we were not using them
Nonpolarized capacitor. If electricity is like water, then capacitors are like pressurized water tanks: the higher the voltage you place across them, the more electric charge they store. Electric charge is measured in coulombs, which equal 6.24 1018 electrons. A 1-farad capacitor stores 1 coulomb of charge at a potential of 1 volt, 10 coulombs at 10 volts, etc. Electronic circuits require much smaller charge storage, however, so the more common units of capacitance are the microfarad, or F (10 6 farad), and the picofarad, or pF (10 12 farad). Most capacitors are made of extremely thin, interleaved or wound, lms of insulation (the dielectric) and aluminum. At high potentials the insulation can break down, so capacitors are also rated by their maximum working voltage. Polarized capacitor. A device that is + halfway between a capacitor and a battery is the electrolytic capacitor, which stores charge in a chemical electrolyte. The advantage is large capacitance in a small size. The disadvantage is that, as with a battery, reversing the voltage will damage the capacitor. Such polarized capacitors can be used only where the applied voltage is always of the same sign. You can identify polarized capacitors by the + and markings next to their leads.
In our example, it is the server on which the Smart Home software will be installed. However, Smart Home software could just as easily be installed on client computers, or a lone computer.
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void _dos_setdrive(unsigned drive, unsigned *num)
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