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The IList<T> interface defines the behavior of a generic collection that allows elements to be accessed via a zero-based index. It inherits IEnumerable, IEnumerable<T>, and ICollection<T> and is the generic version of the non-generic IList interface. IList<T> defines the methods shown in Table 24-11. Two of these methods imply the modification of a collection. If the collection is read-only or of fixed size, then the Insert( ) and RemoveAt( ) methods will throw a NotSupportedException. IList<T> defines the following indexer: T this[int idx] { get; set; } This indexer sets or gets the value of the element at the index specified by idx.
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Connecting wire using butt connectors
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The Advanced tab controls who can access the object, where the object can be used in a query, and date formats. On the Advanced tab, security access level settings interact with other settings discussed in 13. The Public setting allows all users to access an object and is the default. For each object, you can control whether the object can be used as a result, a condition, or a sort as described in Table 9-3.
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Switching to Multiple Mode
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Sales Representative TI-Commission: 5C. Link Commission Matrix
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Still Struggling
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Leased-Line Connections
Figure 4-16 Making a mask begins by roughly selecting the area you want to mask.
break, when a q is entered. Since this loop surrounds all of the program code, breaking out of this loop causes the program to terminate.
FIGURE 5.12. Rational B-splines (k = 5) constructed with the weight sequence of [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, .4] in Example 5.
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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