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You can have a pointer point to another pointer that points to the target value. This situation is called multiple indirection, or pointers to pointers. Pointers to pointers can be confusing. Figure 20-1 helps clarify the concept of multiple indirection. As you can see, the value of a normal pointer is the address of the variable that contains the value desired. In the case of a pointer to a pointer, the first pointer contains the address of the second pointer, which points to the variable that contains the value desired. Multiple indirection can be carried on to whatever extent desired, but more than a pointer to a pointer is rarely needed. In fact, excessive indirection is difficult to follow and prone to conceptual errors. A variable that is a pointer to a pointer must be declared as such. You do this by placing an additional asterisk after the type name. For example, the following declaration tells the compiler that q is a pointer to a pointer of type int: print barcode free
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Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference size size specifies the size and orientation of a page box.
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/* This program contains two functions: main() and myfunc(). */ #include <iostream> using namespace std; void myfunc(); // myfunc's prototype int main() { cout << "In main()"; myfunc(); // call myfunc() cout << "Back in main()"; return 0; } void myfunc() { cout << " Inside myfunc() "; }
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Magnetism and Electricity
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You use Set to set a variable to reference that object. If the variable is a simple variable if it just holds a number or a string (text) and not a reference to another object you do not need the Set statement.
8: Inheritance
When testing load balancing from a router, be careful to not use ping or traceroute since these packets are process-switched instead of fastswitched, which can produce confusing results in the load balancing tests: each possible path is tested. Instead, preferably perform the test from any other device behind the load balancing router.
The #error directive forces the compiler to stop compilation. It is used for debugging. The general form of the #error directive is #error error-message When the #error directive is encountered, the error message is displayed. For example, when the compiler encounters this line:
Lightning-Protective Mast Metal masts qualify as protective masts. If nonconductive, however, a mast must be provided with a grounding conductor running from an air terminal 6 inches above the mast in as straight a line as possible to the lightning-ground connection. The conductor must be securely fastened to the mast and consist of either a stranded-copper wire of minimum size 4 AWG or a metal strip of conductivity equal to that of 4 AWG copper wire and thickness of at least 0.030 inch. Joints, including that to the lightning-ground connection, must not be subject to immersion. In the case of 4 AWG wire, the connection must be strong enough to support a 45-pound weight for 1 minute. To avoid corrosion, all bolts, nuts, washers, and lugs must be galvanically compatible with the conductor. A stainless steel radio antenna may serve as an air terminal provided it has either a means for direct connection to ground, or a lightning-protective gap (closely spaced electrodes, which lightning will easily jump). If not disconnected when the antenna is grounded, the antenna feed line should also have a lightning arrestor, or transient voltage surge suppressor. Lightning-Ground Connection A lightning-ground connection may be any underwater metal surface of at least 1-square-foot area. Metal hulls, centerboards, and external (not encased in berglass) keels are excellent. Although metal rudders qualify in area, the connection from mast to rudder is too long. Where the lightning-ground connection is an immersed ground plate at the base of the mast, the backstay and other large aft metal objects, because of the distance, should be grounded to the engine instead of the ground plate. It is commonly believed that the large surface areas of the propeller and shaft provide adequate lightning grounding. While true, relying on the conductivity of
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The session layer is responsible for setting up, maintaining,
When the kite is 250 ft away from the girl, at a height of 120ft , and the string is going out at 2 ft/s ,the kite is moving 2.3 fi/s horizontally.
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