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If we had a source of electricity that acted like an onboard generator, there would be no need for a green wire to run back to the shore-power ground, and we could break the galvanic connection to other marinabound boats. An isolation transformer is the answer, regenerating onboard power without direct electrical connection to shore power. Figure 9.16 shows an isolation transformer. To meet ABYC requirements, isolation transformers must be tested and labeled by an independent laboratory. The primary coil is connected to the hot and neutral shore-power conductors. The secondary coil is connected to the hot and neutral ship s-power conductors. A metal shield, electrically isolated from all other parts of the transformer, is placed between the primary and secondary coils, and a lead is brought out from the shield. The shield must withstand a voltage of 4,000 volts AC, 60 Hz, for 1 minute, applied between the shield and other components such as windings, core, and outside enclosure. The transformer case must be metal and have a grounding terminal. The ship s neutral (white) and grounding (green) conductors are connected at the transformer output, since the transformer secondary is a new source of electricity. As you will see on the following pages, connections between shield, conductor, transformer case, shore-power ground, and ship s ground vary with the transformer. Follow the manufacturer s directions.
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EVC Type UNI List CE-VLAN ID Preservation CE-VLAN CoS Preservation Unicast Service Frame Delivery Multicast Service Frame Delivery Broadcast Service Frame Delivery Layer 2 Control Protocol Processing Service Performance
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Is there >10 volts at output terminal of ignition switch with ignition key on and start button depressed
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Figure 8-12
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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The UserResponse function will return the value entered by a user into the specified string prompt_name in the specified string data_provider_name.
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1. Maintenance. Wind machines are of two types: the familiar alternator, and DC electric motors running backward. Both produce AC electricity, but rectify it (change AC to DC) in different ways. As we saw in 4, alternators employ solid-state diode bridges. The DC-motor types, however, rely on brushes and commutators, both of which are subject to wear and maintenance. Also, both types contain bearings which will require replacement. 2. Noise. All wind machines make noise, ranging from the barely perceptible whisper of a small, six-bladed Ampair, to the woof, woof, woof of a large, two-bladed, mizzen-mounted machine. Generally, the more power being generated, the louder the noise. Some nd the noise of a large machine satisfying, an audible reminder that their batteries are being recharged for free. Others particularly sailors on nearby boats nd the sound annoying. You would be wise to spend time on a boat with a particular model before purchasing. 3. Safety. The higher the wind speed, the greater the output of a wind machine. But wind speeds over about 30 knots pose several potential problems, particularly with the larger-diameter machines: (1) the high centrifugal forces and vibration on the blades may cause fatigue and failure (throwing a blade), (2) the electrical output may become too much for the batteries or charge regulator to handle, and (3) it may prove impossible to shut the machine down, either manually (picture trying to stop an airplane propeller) or automatically. All of the manufacturers have addressed this issue, but in various ways. Make sure you understand the shutdown mechanism of the machine you are thinking of purchasing, and talk to several owners about their experiences.
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molecule, whereas most forms of EM spectroscopy involve interaction of light with the electrons in the molecule.
8. Error Analysis Compare your results to those of other students in the class. What could
The following output was produced using a dual-core processor:
Sometimes you will create a class that you want to be able to freely mix in an expression with other types of data. While overloaded operator functions can provide a means of mixing types, sometimes a simple conversion is all that you want. In these cases, you can use a type conversion function to convert your class into a type compatible with that of the rest of the expression. The general form of a type conversion function is operator type ( ) {return value ;} Here, type is the target type that you are converting your class to and value is the value of the class after conversion. A conversion function must be a member of the class for which it is defined. To illustrate how to create a conversion function, let s use the three_d class once again. Suppose you want to be able to convert an object of type three_d into an integer so that it can be used in an integer expression. Further, the conversion will take place by using the product of the three dimensions. To accomplish this, you use a conversion function that looks like this:
This program checks each character read from stdin and reports all those that are hexadecimal digits:
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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