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After executing the file and launching Outlook, you may also notice that you do not see the MetaFrame Conference button on the Outlook Menu bar. It may be necessary at the command prompt to change directory locations to the directory that contains InstallAddIn.cmd and its supporting files before running the file. By default, these files are located in the Outlook folder on the Citrix Conferencing Manager CD-ROM.
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Cable restrainers: Restrainers are designed to limit the relative displacement between superstructures at movement joints to prevent span unseating (Figure 12.20). The most common form of restrainer retro t used in the Caltran s Phase 1 program consists of installing cable restrainers anchored to the webs or diaphragms of concrete bridges or the bottom anges of steel girders. High strength steel bars may be used alternatively. Restrainers are typically installed with enough slack to allow normal movements from temperature/creep and shrinkage without engaging. In California they are periodically checked and adjusted when necessary. Restrainers used in Japan: The Japanese use similar strategies to prevent support length failure, although the restrainer con gurations are different. To allow rotation/translation, steel chains and steel plates with pins are utilized in addition to cable strategies. It is noted that web connections for restrainers are only recommended when the web has suf cient strength to transmit simultaneously seismic and dead load forces in this region. Bottom anges of girders offer more suitable locations for restrainer attachments. Footing retro ts: This type of retro t is expensive and dif cult to perform. Fluid viscous dampers provide complete protection for bridges against column vulnerability due to shear failure. Column additions or replacements: In extreme situations, column can be added or replaced to gain ductility and rigidity. This work is dif cult and costly. Column replacement is an extreme retro t measure. A bridge is jacked up to relieve the load into an existing column and the column removed. Typically, 10 percent DL lateral capacity is used for the support system in moderate seismic areas. Column vulnerability due to foundation de ciencies (for single column bents on piles) Pier vulnerability due to exure failure at column reinforcement splices Abutment vulnerability: Abutment failure is linked indirectly with settlement of approach ll, such as for spill through.
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TABLE 11-1 Methods of the object Class
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5. Drawing Conclusion What purpose does a graph serve
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File Commands
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One of the more popular types of sensors to measure temperature is the thermistor, a sensor whose internal resistance changes with temperature. By measuring
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Modified Proxy
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*NR = Not Recommended
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Because most transmission systems modulate or vary a signal, the Nyquist relationship limits the signaling rate, which is proportional to the available bandwidth. This explains why modem designers use different techniques to pack more bits into each baud to achieve a higher data transfer rate. Because the bandwidth of a telephone channel is fixed, a modem designer cannot exceed a given signaling rate before intersymbol interference adversely affects the data flow. Thus, to transmit more data, the modem designer must pack more bits into each signal change. In the telephone company infrastructure a bandwidth of 4 kHz is provided for a voice channel, which explains why the pulse-code modulation (PCM) sampling rate is 2 4 kHz or 8000 times per second. In addition to the Nyquist relationship, which governs the signaling rate, there is a second constraint that limits the maximum achievable data rate obtainable on a copper transmission medium. That constraint is Shannon s law. SHANNON S LA W In 1948, Professor Claude E. Shannon presented a paper concerning the relationship between coding and noise and computed the theoretical maximum bit rate capacity of a channel of bandwidth W in hertz as follows: S N
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Before concluding this chapter, it is necessary to introduce this. When a method is called, it is automatically passed a reference to the invoking object (that is, the object on which the method is called). This reference is called this. Therefore, this refers to the object on which the method is acting. To understand this, first consider a program that creates a class called Rect that encapsulates the width and height of a rectangle and that includes a method called Area( ) that returns its area.
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Let s look at each assignment. The cast of (x / y) to int results in the truncation of the fractional component, and information is lost. No loss of information occurs when b is assigned the value 255 because a byte can hold the value 255. However, when the attempt is made to assign b the value 257, information loss occurs because 257 exceeds a byte s range. In both cases the casts are needed because there is no implicit conversion from int to byte. When the short variable s is assigned the value 32,000 through the uint variable u, no data is lost because a short can hold the value 32,000. However, in the next assignment, u has the value 64,000, which is outside the range of a short, and data is lost. In both cases the casts are needed because there is no implicit conversion from uint to short. Next, u is assigned the value 64,000 through the long variable l. In this case, no data is lost because 64,000 is within the range of a uint. However, when the value 12 is assigned to u, data is lost because a uint cannot hold negative numbers. In both cases the casts are needed because there is no implicit conversion from long to uint. Finally, no information is lost, but a cast is needed when assigning a byte value to a char.
Should you need to explain your symptoms to the doctor, use the words in the following list. Preface your explanation with: Tengo . . . (I have (a/an) . . .)
Using Microsoft SQL Server
ciscoasa(config)# auto-update server URL [source logical_if_name] [verify-certificate] ciscoasa(config)# auto-update device-id {hardware-serial | hostname | ipaddress [logical_if_name] | mac-address [logical_if_name] | string text} ciscoasa(config)# auto-update poll-period poll_period_minutes [retry-count [retry_period_minutes]] ciscoasa(config)# auto-update poll-at day_of_the_week time [randomize minutes] [retry_count [retry_period]] ciscoasa(config)# auto-update timeout period_minutes
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y = &ome impossible to integrate function of x)dx the area under the curve of y versus x from a to b is the value of the integral. There are several different approximation methods. The general approach to numerical integration will be illustrated by a relatively simple one, the trapezoid rule or method. As the name implies the area to be determined is divided up into trapezoids. Consider the area under some general curve as shown in Fig. 10-11. Divide the region within the limits into several narrow regions bounded by the vertical lines at xo,xl, x2 . . . with a fixed width Ax between each line. Corresponding to each of the xo, x1,x2 . . . values is a fi value of the h c t i o n fo, ,f2,... . The first two regions are shown in exploded view and better illustrate that the curve is approximated by a straight line creating a collection of trapezoids.
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