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Loop aggregation reassembly
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Motorized drape controller The addition of the motorized drape
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Pointer variables must be declared as such. The general form of a pointer variable declaration is type* var-name; Here, type is the pointer s referent type, which must be a nonreference type. Thus, you cannot declare a pointer to a class object. A pointer s referent type is also sometimes called its base type. Notice the placement of the *. It follows the type name. var-name is the name of the pointer variable. Here is an example. To declare ip to be a pointer to an int, use this declaration:
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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TABLE 5.1 FDDI 4B/5B Codes (Continued)
Because a one-dimensional array organizes data into an indexable linear list, it is the perfect data structure for sorting. Furthermore, sorting algorithms make some of the best examples of array handling. Towards that end, this example develops a version of the rather infamous bubble sort. As you may know, there are a number of different sorting algorithms. There are the quicksort, the shaker sort, and the Shell sort, to name just three. However, one of the simplest and easiest-to-understand sorting algorithms is the bubble sort. It is also one of the worst sorts in terms of performance (although it can sometimes be used effectively for sorting very small arrays). The bubble sort does have one useful characteristic, however: It makes an interesting example of array handling!
White fill, linear transparency, Normal mode
LANs were developed as a necessity for supplying data connections required by the commercial business world. Because no standards were speci ed, technicians and engineers made rudimentary networks to solve particular problems. Network topologies were nally developed and several types of LANs evolved. These network topologies exist in a variety of forms, such as a star network, where all end-user stations pass through a main switching center. Other topologies are the tree-branch network, the ring-type network, and the bus network. These topologies are shown in Figure 5-8. Various techniques are also employed to control the network. A central switcher controls the star-type network. For the tree network, each station has its address and control from branch to branch through the main station. A bus network is controlled by a collision-detection system used to prevent all stations from trying to communicate at once. The ring topology usually uses a token-passing scheme in which the station that needs to transmit must possess the token.
A business scorecard is a general term used in this book to identify any scorecard that is not a true Balanced Scorecard. This includes an enterprise-wide scorecard that might not have Kaplan and Norton s four perspectives, or any lower-level scorecard that focuses on more narrow KPIs. The Balanced Scorecard typically only has five or six KPIs per perspective, so the KPIs are usually very general and highly aggregated. A gross revenue value in a Balanced Scorecard is for all products, while a product manager might want to analyze such a value broken down by product categories or subcategories.
numbers in your routing table and advertise these contiguous routes as a single summarized route. The summarization must begin on a power-of-2 boundary (or a multiple of a power of 2).
Support Circuit Design
This function can be generalized by making the calling arguments be the row, the row length, and a pointer to the first array element, as shown here:
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