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inline This value causes an element to generate an inline-level box; for example, the HTML elements STRONG, CODE, or EM (among others). The element will generate one or more inline boxes when it is displayed. block This value causes an element to generate a block-level box; for example, the HTML elements P, H1, or PRE (among others). The element will generate a block box when it is displayed. list-item This value causes an element to generate both a block box and a list-item inline box. Under HTML, the LI element is the only example of such an element. run-in Under certain conditions, this value will cause the element to be inserted into the beginning of the following element. If an element A is set to display: run-in and is followed by a block-level element B, then A becomes the first inline-level box of B. If the element following A is not block-level, then A becomes a block-level box. compact Under certain conditions, this value will cause the element to be placed to one side of the following element. If an element A is set to display: compact and is followed by a block-level element B, and B is neither floated nor absolutely positioned, then A is formatted as a single-line inline box. If A cannot be formatted as a single line, it becomes a block-level box. If A can be formatted in a single line, its width is compared to the width of the margin to one side of B; the margin chosen (right or left) is determined by the value of the property direction for element B. If the width of A is less than the width of the chosen margin, then it is placed within that margin, with the baseline of element A aligned with the baseline in the first line of element B. The height of A will affect the height of the first line in element B. If A cannot fit into the chosen margin, then A becomes a block-level box. marker This value will set generated content to be a marker; thus, it should be used only in conjunction with the :before and :after pseudo- elements when they are set on block-level elements. In all other cases, marker is treated as inline. Markers are placed in the margin of the associated element, but can overlap the content of the element with which they are associated. Thus, authors should set a width on the marker box, and also set the left or right margin of the element such that it will be wide enough to contain the marker without overlap. If the marker s width is set to auto, then its width is that of its barcode label printing
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Ethernet Transport Applications
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Report from the pop-up menu.
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Smart Home Communication Systems
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Query Keyword select where orderby join group Equivalent Query Method Select(selector) Where(predicate) OrderBy(keySelector) or OrderByDescending(keySelector) Join(inner, outerKeySelector, innerKeySelector, resultSelector) GroupBy(keySelector)
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12.8.1 Cell Transfer Delay
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HomelMo HomeAddress
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Here you can see what appears onscreen after you ve chosen Crop from the Import selector list and then click Import; you have selection handles that you create a crop area with, and you click-drag inside the crop area to reposition the crop. You can also use the numeric entry fields to specify a precise crop area; however, there s an easy manual way to refine a cropped image after it s been placed on a page. Note that when you import, you import a copy of the original file, and when you crop, there is no way to un-crop the placed image later.
Here is an example that uses params to create a method called MinVal( ), which returns the minimum value from a set of values:
G34, Responsibility, Authority, and Accountability
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Figure 8.14 A wideband, low-distortion SPDT PIN diode switch.
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