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25: WAN Introduction
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You can view basic information about the operation of your router in SDM, including some statistics of the behavior of the router; however, most information can be viewed only by using the show or debug command from the router s CLI. The following sections briefly cover some of the statistics you can view in SDM. To view the statistics in SDM, click the Monitor button, where you ll see the screen in Figure 18-9. The statistics you can view from the Monitor section include the following: pdf417 free
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Citrix XenApp with Application Streaming
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In this example, once the user has authenticated and the ACL has been downloaded, the user can access the e-mail and FTP server listed everything else is denied for the user. Referencing Downloadable ACLs in Users and Groups To apply a downloadable ACL to a user or group in CSACS, go to the Group Setup or User Setup section (in the left window pane, click the Group Setup or User Setup buttons respectively). Select a group or user to edit, and then in the Downloadable ACLs section, click the Assign IP ACL check box, and use the drop-down selector to choose the named ACL to be applied to the group or user. When done, click the Submit+Restart button.
5.42 Digital Television Transmission
When using nullable types, you will often see a nullable object created like this:
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Figure 11 - 1
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