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Two options are under the parameters subcommand mode. The mail-relay command allows you to restrict what domain name you ll allow for your e-mail servers this is used to prevent relaying of mail via a rogue server. The mask-banner command obfuscates (changes) the server e-mail banner, thereby making it harder for an attacker to learn information about your server. The remaining policies are configured with the match command. When executing this command, you are taken into a second subcommand mode where you can specify your policy: drop the connection, log the match, reset the TCP connection, and, with certain match commands, rate-limit the e-mail commands sent on the connection. Table 12-1 has a summary of what each of these commands looks for in an e-mail message.
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IT Goals
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February has 28 or 29 days.
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A delegate called StrMod.
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The Methods De ned by WebRequest that Support Synchronous Communications
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Data Payload
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Figure 4-5 Refractive index of types of optical bers
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WLAN Devices
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Technical Support
Part I:
Western Management Group
To read and write blocks of binary data, use the read( ) and write( ) member functions. Their prototypes are shown here: istream &read(char *buf, streamsize num); ostream &write(const char *buf, int streamsize num); The read( ) function reads num bytes from the associated stream and puts them in the buffer pointed to by buf. The write( ) function writes num bytes to the associated stream from the buffer pointed to by buf. As mentioned earlier, streamsize is defined as some form of integer. It is capable of holding the largest number of bytes that can be transferred in any one I/O operation. The following program writes and then reads an array of integers:
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