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Part 1 (Ver. 2.12), Nov. 2007 Part 1 (Ver. 1.22), Nov. 2007 Part 1 (Ver. 1.32), Nov. 2007
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Part II:
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To make parts of a class public (i.e., accessible to other parts of your program), you must declare them after the public keyword. All variables or functions defined after the public specifier are accessible by all other functions in your program. Therefore, in queue, the functions init( ), qput( ), and qget( ) are public. Typically, your program will access the private members of a class through its public functions. Notice that the public keyword is followed by a colon. Keep in mind that an object forms a bond between code and data. Thus, a member function has access to the private elements of its class. This means that init( ), qput( ), and qget( ) have access to q, sloc, and rloc. To add a member function to a class, specify its prototype within the class declaration. Once you have defined a class, you can create an object of that type by using the class name. A class name becomes a new type specifier. For example, the following statement creates two objects called Q1 and Q2 of type queue:
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// Push characters onto the stack. public void Push(char ch) { if(tos==stck.Length) { Console.WriteLine(" -- Stack is full."); return; } stck[tos] = ch; tos++; }
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2 21/2 C 1 PC 3 1 5
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Unzipping DNA
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Differential and Integral Formulas
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The name of a typeface you see in the Fonts drop-down list can be anything the professional who designed the font wants it to be, and it s not necessarily the same as the font filename. Therefore, by accident you or an application could install, for example, Bookman as a TrueType font when you already have Bookman as an OpenType font installed. By default (and you can t change this), Windows prefers TrueType, and some applications hide a duplicate font with the same designer name. CorelDRAW will show you that in this example you have Bookman listed twice, once as a TrueType and once as an OpenType font. If, having discovered this, you prefer one font format over the other, you can remove the duplicate through Control Panel | Fonts, or have Font Navigator do it for you.
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Figure 7-12
Part I:
Web Intelligence XI Release 2
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
As has been discussed throughout this chapter, WiMAX provides several technical features that are highly desirable.
chemical species that is able to reduce the oxidation state of another species by donating electrons is called a reducing agent. A strong reducing agent has a low electronegativity. In this lab, you will review the electronegativities of several metals, use the information to predict the relative strengths of the metals as reducing agents, and then perform two experiments to verify your predictions.
Out of Sync Out of Service
Best Practices and the Future of Cloud Computing
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