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Tools Help Table 28-1.
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This is not as absurd as upgrading a DVD player, but it is only possible if the player was specifically designed with the necessary features from the beginning. Profile 1.1 added secondary video and audio playback requirements to Profile 1. An extra decoder chip and video overlay hardware cannot just be popped into a player, and there simply is not enough horsepower in standard Profile 1 players to add decoding support with a software update. Likewise, Profile 2 added Internet access and additional local storage requirements, so unless a Profile 1.1 player is already equipped with a connector and necessary networking features, and memory slots or a USB connector for a hard drive, it cannot just be upgraded with a wave of the magic software wand. The Sony PlayStation 3 is an exception that proves the rule, as Sony provided a downloadable firmware update in December 2007 to add Profile 1.1 features and, in March 2008, released another firmware update that made PlayStation 3 the first Profile 2 Blu-ray player. These upgrades were possible only because the PlayStation 3 is a high-powered system with plenty of memory, video processing features, and full Internet connectivity.
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The ProClarity tools represent true analytics applications, offering basically unlimited abilities to work with the data in Analysis Services cubes. The rich graphical capabilities of the ProClarity tools are unmatched by any other tool. The capabilities of Excel 2007 are arguably better at dealing with grid data, but the charts in ProClarity are extremely powerful and flexible. A complete discussion of the ProClarity applications could be a book unto itself, but I discuss the basics of performing analysis with ProClarity in 6. Figure 2-3 shows an example of some of the graphical capabilities of ProClarity.
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This causes the std namespace to be brought into the current namespace, which gives you direct access to the names of the functions and classes defined within the library, without having to qualify each one with std::.
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f (x) dx = F (x) + C.
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9: Complications of Pregnancy
Electrical Installation
G20, Reporting
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You can obtain type information about a given type by using typeof, which has this general form:
puts into ip the memory address of the variable num. This address is the location of the variable in the computer s internal memory. It has nothing to do with the value of num. Thus, ip does not contain the value 10 (num s initial value). It contains the address at which num is stored. The operation of & can be remembered as returning the address of the variable it precedes. Therefore, the preceding assignment statement could be verbalized as ip receives the address of num. The second operator is *, and it is the complement of &. It is a unary operator that evaluates to the value of the variable located at the address specified by its operand. That is, it refers to the value of the variable pointed to by a pointer. Continuing with the same example, if ip contains the memory address of the variable num, then
Increasing Storage Requirements
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