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To download the file and specify a particular filename and path, select Save. By default, the Excel filename and Web Intelligence document name are the same. Web Intelligence will convert the document to spreadsheet format and, upon completion, will display a message Download Complete. Select Open to open the spreadsheet. Note that if your document contained multiple report tabs, these convert to Microsoft Excel worksheets. Formatting is preserved and charts are converted to Excel charts.
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CEO/Business unit general manager: The CEO/business unit general manager must articulate the business objectives and goals to the sales department. The business unit manager must also approve final plan designs to ensure alignment with business objectives and goals. Vice president of sales: The vice president (VP) of sales has overall responsibility for the sales compensation program. With the sales management leadership team, the VP of sales determines the proper role for sales compensation in the mix of the sales management model. Final accountability for sales compensation program effectiveness rests with the VP of sales. VP of marketing: The vice president of marketing provides information about product strategy and customer segments. The VP of marketing also needs to confirm that the sales compensation program correctly supports product marketing campaigns and promotions. VP of finance: The vice president of finance oversees the financial viability of the sales compensation program, ensuring that its costs and benefits are consistent with company objectives. Sales operations: Sales operations provide day-to-day management of the sales compensation program. This includes plan oversight, management, and reporting.
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Application isolation environments and PDA synchronization. ActiveSync does not require an application isolation environment for Terminal Services compatibility. Because ActiveSync installs a service and isolation environments do not isolate services, if ActiveSync is installed into an isolation environment, it will fail. Isolation environments can be configured on a Presentation Server to isolate other applications without impact on ActiveSync. Allowing COM port connections within ActiveSync. If you modify the connection settings within ActiveSync to allow COM port connections, and then disconnect and reconnect the PDA in rapid succession, the PDA connects, but you cannot start WCESMGR.EXE until the currently running WCESMGR.EXE is killed or a one-minute timeout occurs. This is a third-party issue with ActiveSync and can occur on a console outside of an ICA session as well. The easiest way to avoid this issue is to disable COM port connections through ActiveSync. If you manually disable COM port connections in the GUI, you must log off and log back on to resolve the issue. To disable COM port connections for all users, modify the following registry key:
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5. Which reduces the right side of BS
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7 M E T H O D S O F I N T E G R A T I O N
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Alternatively, we can calculate the required NF for a receiver if we wish a desired receiver output SNR. These calculations need the receiver s planned bandwidth:
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Batt Voltage regulator
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Building Tank Treads for a Robot
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Multithreaded Programming
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Hence, a summer ampli es each voltage, adds them up, and inverts the output. In the special case where Ra = Rb = Rc = R f , then we get a circuit that directly
Displacement acceleration
Coaching Enneagram Style Three
At this point, it is a simple matter of publishing the dashboard and then exporting it to SharePoint. Figure 5-39 shows the dashboard at its default, with the Product Category filter set to All Products. Notice that the AdvWorks-Objectives scorecard shows an overall score of 60.8% with a very low Internet Gross Profit Margin. Also note that the Quantity Sold report shows that the quantity of all products sold in the third quarter of 2003 was nearly 50,000. Assume that an end user now drops down the Product Category and chooses just the Clothing category. Figure 5-40 shows the changes. First, the overall score of the Objectives Demo scorecard is now 72.7%, thanks to a much higher margin on Reseller Gross Profit Margins. Notice too that the Quantity Sold report now shows that quantity of products sold in the third quarter of 2003 was now around 14,000. This is because only 14,000 items of clothing were sold, as compared to 50,000 units of all items combined.
Performing the PIX Password Recovery Process
The resulting disc plays on most entertainment center DVD players, which means your work gets the big screen, big speaker treatment. For those of your acquaintances who don t have a DVD player, the same slide show will play on a PC, but you have to cheat by renaming some files. Tell the recipients of your CD to open Windows Media Player or their favorite digital jukebox, choose File | Open , go to the CD-ROM drive, and then go to the
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
we are reminded that the rst inductor can be used to induce a voltage across the second inductor.
In addition to generic classes and methods, you can also have generic interfaces. Generic interfaces are specified just like generic classes. Here is an example that reworks the ISeries interface developed in 12. (Recall that ISeries defines the interface to a class that generates a series of numbers.) The data type upon which it operates is now specified by a type parameter.
PC users can access applications hosted at the data center in multiple ways. When PCs have a full-time connection to the data center (through Ethernet frame relay or the Internet), XenApp enables application publishing. Employees see icons of both local applications (if any) and applications hosted on the XenApp farm to which they have access. These icons can be part of their start-up file, and it is not obvious whether they represent local applications or applications hosted by the server farm. Users who run all applications from the server farm may receive their entire desktop as a published application. The lower the number of local applications accessed by a PC user, the less administration costs are borne by the IT staff. This topic is discussed more thoroughly in s 5 and 14.
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