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Light can be generated in several ways. The familiar lightbulb represents incandescent light since optical radiation results from the temperature applied to a filament. In comparison, an LED represents light generated by the electronic excitation of a material, a term referred to as luminescence. To understand how semiconductor chips, including LEDs and lasers, operate, let s review some basic physics, including the structure of atoms and the p-n semiconductor junction, to see how a semiconductor becomes capable of generating light. THE COMPOSITION OF AN ATOM Figure 4.3 illustrates the composition of an atom. An atom consists of an inner nucleus surrounded by electrons that circle the nucleus. That circle is referred to as a shell. Each shell has a maximum number of electrons, ranging from two in the inner shell (K) to 32 in the outer shell (N). The outer shell is referred to as the valence shell or valence band, and represents the shell that is involved in chemical bonding, which permits compounds to be developed. The ability of an electron to flow as current depends on the molecular structure of a material, including its valence shell. Specifically an , electron must break its bond to an atom to obtain the ability to flow as current. When it breaks its bond, the electron is said to be in the conductive band. CONDUCTORS The degree of movement of an atom from a valence band to the conductive band determines whether the material is a good or poor conductor. For example, copper gold, and silver have only one , valence electron. This means that those elements require a minimal amount of energy for an electron to break its band. Thus, this explains why those materials are relatively good conductors. THE p-n JUNCTION In the world of electronics the semiconductor positive-negative (p-n) junction represents the basic material used to develop LEDs and lasers. Because p-n junction operation is easily described in terms of the use of silicon material, let s continue our discussion of atoms by focusing on the silicon atom. A silicon atom has four valence electrons. Those electrons form the bonds that hold silicon atoms together, which in turn forms the crystalline structure of silica. The silicon bonds are also referred to as cova-
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I. Install Presentation Server. 1. Copy the TNSNAMES.ORA file to the \network\admin folder of the Oracle client. 2. Start the Presentation Server install. 3. Specify Use a Third-Party Database and select Oracle. 4. Specify the cluster service name for the Service Name field. 5. Specify the user name/password configured in the previous step G. 6. Complete the rest of the wizard using the guidelines for Presentation Server databases, as outlined in the MetaFrame Presentation Server Administrator s Guide.
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Possible low birth weight; otherwise, no evidence of association with human anomalies Symmetrical fetal growth restriction, SIDS Fetal-growth restriction, perinatal death, small head circumference, developmental delays, SIDS Ebstein anomaly, diabetes insipidus, hypothyroidism, and hypoglycemia
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In previous chapters, you created and enhanced a queue class. In those chapters, the type of data operated on by the queue is hardcoded as char. Through the use of generics, you can easily convert the queue class into a form that can operate on any type of data. This is the subject of this example. Since the queue code has been modified and enhanced throughout several chapters, for clarity, all pieces of the code will be shown here, even if they aren t affected by the change to generics.
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Ethernet The Beginning
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Infrastructure is used to connect applications to users and to each other. They are the networks and other facilities that support the use of applications. While an organization may be able to acquire off-the-shelf software for many of its core business activities, infrastructure is almost always custom-built for the organization. Whereas software applications are like the tools in the hand of an astronaut, infrastructure is like the astronaut s glove, which must be tailor-made to fit each astronaut s hand. It needs to conform to the organization s geography, business model, security requirements, regulatory requirements, and culture.
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The velocity of point P as a point on either body is equal to radius r multiplied by the angular velocity dq/dt of the respective body u p = pi Solving, dq 0 ri = . dq i r0 (14.28) dq i dq = r0 0 . dt dt
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9.4.5 Materials Selection 269 Plastics 270 Bronze Alloys 270 Cast Iron 271 Hardened Steels 271 9.5 LUBRICATION 273 9.5.1 Introduction 273 9.5.2 Elastohydrodynamic Film 274 9.5.3 Lubricant Selection 277 Grease 277 Extreme-Pressure Lubricants 278 Contaminants 281 9.6 SUMMARY 281
bit. Errored bit identification helps the user to focus on the portion of pattern that creates problems and then to investigate the causes. Counting bits from the start of the pattern as a reference point, the instrument locates the position of an errored bit and identifies it. On successive repeats of the pattern it calculates the bit BER, which, if the cause is systematic, will be far higher than the average BER for the pattern. Of course, if the error is purely random, then on average the bit BER will be similar to the overall average. This capability, in conjunction with a digital sampling oscilloscope, is useful to an engineer designing equipment and trying to locate the often complex sources of errors. For example, reflections in transmission lines often give rise to pulse degradation that is many bits delayed from the launch pulse. By monitoring a frequently errored bit, the engineer can adjust the word pattern to explore the effects of ISI and reflections. The reference pattern for error detection could be supplied locally from the pattern generator, but normally a separate reference pattern generator is provided in the error detector so that the transmit and receive portions of the test equipment can be separated an important requirement for end-to-end testing of telecommunications links.
In this example, an exception that can be handled by the inner try in this case, a divide-byzero error allows the program to continue. However, an array boundary error is caught by the outer try, which causes the program to terminate. Although certainly not the only reason for nested try blocks, the preceding program makes an important point that can be generalized. Often, nested try blocks are used to allow different
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FIGURE 13.26. Effect of progressive power changes upon high-order polynomials of the DRRD type pro le.
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