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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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decimal number of the value of that byte. This makes it relatively easy for humans to read and use the addresses. A four-byte address might look like this: We can tell immediately that this is a class B address. The first bit of the address is 0 for Class A and 1 for class B. Class C addresses have the first two bits set to 1. Therefore,
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When using multiple threads, you will sometimes need to coordinate the activities of two or more of the threads. The process by which this is achieved is called synchronization. The most common reason for using synchronization is when two or more threads need access to a shared resource that can be used by only one thread at a time. For example, when one thread is writing to a file, a second thread must be prevented from doing so at the same time. Another situation in which synchronization is needed is when one thread is waiting for an event that is caused by another thread. In this case, there must be some means by which the first thread is held in a suspended state until the event has occurred. Then the waiting thread must resume execution. The key to synchronization is the concept of a lock, which controls access to a block of code within an object. When an object is locked by one thread, no other thread can gain access to the locked block of code. When the thread releases the lock, the object is available for use by another thread. The lock feature is built into the C# language. Thus, all objects can be synchronized. Synchronization is supported by the keyword lock. Since synchronization was designed into C# from the start, it is much easier to use than you might first expect. In fact, for many programs, the synchronization of objects is almost transparent. The general form of lock is shown here: lock(lockObj) { // statements to be synchronized }
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The clamp bot takes the strategy of the lifter one step further, adding a second movable piece to the lifting arm to act as a clamp to solidly grasp the opponent robot. A well-balanced clamp bot can completely lift an opposing robot off the ground. As few robots can do anything when lifted off the ground, this places the match completely in the control of the clamp bot. The clamping mechanism must open wide enough to grasp the largest opponent you are likely to face, and it should be designed to close in a second or less. A slower clamp risks the opponent getting free before the clamp is able to close. The grabbing mechanism should have a holding force at the tip at least equal to the target robot s weight, to prevent the claw from being forced open when the arm lifts. Pneumatics are a good choice for the closing mechanism, as they can provide both high closing speed and strong clamping force. Electric linear actuators or hydraulics will also work, providing superior closing force to pneumatics at the cost of a slower closing speed. Attaching the closing arm directly to the output shaft of a gearmotor is another possibility, although it s not recommended because it will not be as durable as driving the arm with a linear actuator. Figure 10-5 chows a clamp bot configuration. Leverage is the key to a successful clamp bot. In most cases, your bot will be attempting to lift a target that weighs as much as it does. While a lifter usually has to lift up only one side of its opponent, a clamp bot must bear the entire weight of its opponent on the end of its arm. To avoid falling forward while lifting its opponent, the clamp bot will need frame extensions on either side of its arm extending forward as far as possible. Having a center of gravity as far back as possible will also help avoid tipping forward. A successful clamp bot must not only be able to grab and lift its opponent, but it must be able to carry the opponent around the arena. This means having a drive train strong enough to carry twice the clamp bot s own weight, and the front end of the clamp bot s frame must be designed to ride smoothly on the ground. Ideally, a clamp bot would have drive wheels forward straddling the lifting fork, so that the opponent s weight is directly borne by the driving wheels. A clamp bot must also have the speed to catch fast opponents. The need for a strong, well-balanced frame; a drive system having both great carrying power and high speed; and separately driven mechanism for grabbing and lifting make clamp bots one of the more challenging robot types to attempt.
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is that they are objects of the same type. Further, a s copies of sloc, rloc, and q are completely separate from b s. Only when a member function is called by code that does not belong to the class must the object name and the dot operator be used. Otherwise, one member function can call another member function directly, without using the dot operator. Also, a member function can refer directly to member variables without the use of the dot operator. The program shown here demonstrates all the pieces of queue class.
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Error description Bad request Protocol error Unauthorized Syntax error in transaction Syntax error in TransactionReply Syntax error in TransactionPending Version not supported Incorrect identifier The transaction refers to an unknown ContextId No ContextIds available Unknown action or illegal combination of actions Syntax error in action Unknown TerminationID No TerminationID matched a wildcard Out of TerminationIDs or no TerminationID available TerminationID is already in a context Unsupported or unknown package Missing remote descriptor Syntax error in command Unsupported or unknown command Unsupported or unknown descriptor Unsupported or unknown property Unsupported or unknown parameter Descriptor not legal in this command
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Operational Ampli ers
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Classes and Objects
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void pop_back( ); void pop_front( ); void push_back(const T &val); void push_front(const T &val); void remove(const T &val); void reverse( ); size_type size( ) const; void sort( ); template <class Comp> void sort(Comp cmpfn); void splice(iterator i, list<T, Allocator> &ob); void splice(iterator i, list<T, Allocator> &ob, iterator el); void splice(iterator i, list<T, Allocator> &ob, iterator start, iterator end);
The Special Interest Group on CD/DVD Applications and Technology (SIGCAT) began as a small user group back in 1986 devoted to U.S. Geological Survey operations. It has since expanded into an international organization with over 11,000 members. The organization s mission is to further the understanding of CD and DVD technologies and assist organizations and individuals with utilizing the technology in practical ways. SIGCAT Foundation
In 2 we focus, no pun intended, on developing an appreciation for a phenomenon that we take for granted and of which we see only a portion. That phenomenon is light. In 2 we will examine the frequency spectrum, noting the different bands in the spectrum such as visible light, ultraviolet light, gamma rays, and other bands that students usually first became acquainted with during high school or college physics. We will also review a variety of terms associated with light and will discuss power measurements that are important for determining the performance level of an optical transmission system.
Build Your Own Combat Robot
4: IT Life-Cycle Management
FIGURE 21-30
Appendix: Buyer s Guide to Digital Cameras
Texture Options
C15 33.9
x = 1; loop1: x++; if(x <= 100) goto loop1;
SIP Call Establishment
The keyword enum declares an enumerated type. The general form for an enumeration is enum name { enumeration list }; Here, the type name of the enumeration is specified by name. The enumeration list is a comma-separated list of identifiers. Here is an example that defines an enumeration called Coin:
Sometimes newcomers to C++ are confused by the fact that any valid C++ expression can be used to control the if. That is, the type of expression need not be restricted to only those involving the relational and logical operators or to operands of type bool. All that is required is that the controlling expression evaluate to either a true or false result. As you should recall from the previous chapter, a value of zero is automatically converted into false, and all non-zero values are converted to true. Thus, any expression that results in a zero or non-zero value can be used to control the if. For example, the following program reads two integers from the keyboard and displays the quotient.
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