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Cisco ASA Configuration
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Decision Making Conditionals
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Exploring the C# Library
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Figure 11.9 Frame relay interwork performance monitoring.
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ciscoasa(config)# interface vlan vlan_# ciscoasa(config-if)# nameif logical_name ciscoasa(config-if)# ip address IP_address [subnet_mask] ciscoasa(config-if)# security-level number
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3.0 50.0
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If you re fortunate enough to photograph a world-class event, such as the Tour de France, where the cyclists often exceed 30 mph in sprints, you can capture wonderful photographs of the cyclists by panning, as outlined previously. However, if you re photographing athletes or cyclists that are not moving rapidly, you can blur both the athlete and the background to create an artistic impression of motion.
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(c) f (x) = x cos(1/x) (d) f (x) = x 2 ln x (e) f (x) =
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Notice that in addition to the methods defined by MyClass, the public, non-static methods defined by object are also displayed. This is because all types in C# inherit object. Also notice that the .NET structure names are used for the type names. Observe that Set( ) is displayed twice. This is because Set( ) is overloaded. One version takes int arguments. The other takes double arguments. Let s look at this program closely. First, notice that MyClass defines a public constructor and a number of public methods, including the overloaded Set( ) method. Inside Main( ), a Type object representing MyClass is obtained using this line of code:
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Transport Layer Functions
the children will be shown but the parent will disappear. Clicking the Expand mode will make the down arrow keep the parent on the screen and the children will appear under that parent. Figure 6-57 shows these two buttons, along with the other buttons on the Navigation tab, which duplicate those that appear on the pop-up menu. Being able to configure the default for a click on one of the arrows is one advantage PAS has over the Professional Desktop product, which does not allow users to make Expand the default for a click. Charts work similarly, where clicking on a bar or pie slice, members in the legend, or the members along the bottom axis cause a pop-up menu to appear. This means that PAS does not allow users to simply click on a bar to drill down; the user must click on the bar and then choose an action from the pop-up menu. One of the great features in the Professional client is the ability to click the View button and cycle through the four base views: chart only, grid only, horizontal split, and vertical split. There is no View button in the Standard client but clicking on the View tab shows three of these options as buttons: Grid only, Grid and Chart, and Chart only. The Grid and Chart button shows a horizontal split. Also, the View tab includes buttons to change the type of chart, including bar, line, pie, and more. Figure 6-58 shows these options on the View menu, as well as the same grid from Figure 6-57 but now displayed as both a grid and chart. Figure 6-58 also shows that there are options on the View tab for adding or removing totals, including grand totals and subtotals on both the rows and columns. A Total Options button allows users to more finely tune the totals, just as they could do in the Professional client. Finally, options exist to flatten row and column headers so that the children are not indented in relation to the parent. The Sort and Filter tab expose the same functionality as in the Professional client, with the caveat that the ability to hide empty rows and empty columns is found only on the Filter tab. Note that after changing an option on one of these tabs, or on any other tab, the Apply button at the top of the tab becomes enabled and the user must click it to see the changes in the chart or grid. The final tab is the Data Layout tab, which is the PAS version of the Professional client s Setup Panel. Recall that there is no drag and drop in the Standard client, however, so working with this tab is somewhat different. First, moving a dimension from the background to the rows or columns, or vice versa, requires the user to click on the dimension and then click the Up or Down buttons to move that dimension up and down. For example, clicking on a dimension in the background and clicking the Up button moves that dimension to the bottom of the Columns box. If there is already a dimension in the Columns box, clicking the Up arrow again will move the dimension to the top of the Columns box; clicking it again will move it to the bottom of the Rows box. Another click moves it up the Rows box until it eventually reaches the top and the Up button becomes disabled. Likewise, repeatedly clicking the Down
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The power absorbed or delivered by a resistor can be calculated from the expression P = VI together with Ohm s law (2.6) V = RI. If we know the resistance and the voltage, then P = VI = V2 = GV 2 R (2.9)
8. Click OK to close the Permission Entry dialog box. 9. Click OK to close the Permission Entry dialog box. 10. Click OK to close the Access Control Setting dialog box. 11. Click OK to close the CentralStoreRoot properties dialog box. 12. Add all user accounts that need to administer Password Manager to the Password Manager Administrators group.
Appendix A: Resources
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