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Few things are as satisfying as installing your own electronics. Repairing digital electronic circuitry is beyond the abilities of most, but installation is not. Installation requires only an understanding of the DC wiring standards and practices in 6, wire and connectors available through chandleries and mail-order catalogs, and the principles outlined in this chapter. With these in hand, you should be able to install any piece of marine electronic equipment over a weekend, and as well as any professional. The obvious bene ts are a signi cant costs saving and satisfaction at accomplishing a professional job. The less obvious bene t occurs when something goes wrong, and you nd that you are now able to retrace your steps and often locate the problem. The equipment covered in this chapter includes VHF and SSB radios, GPS, and radar. From an installation standpoint, all marine electronics are similar. You ll nd that the principles and techniques apply to stereos, televisions, depth sounders, and wind indicators, as well. or smaller than, objects on the boat. Objects with a diameter less than 1 inch (such as a mast) can re ect or block the signal, creating blind zones. Finally, signals are at least partially absorbed by grounded rigging. Antennas placed too close to metal standing rigging thus suffer loss of signal strength. The exception that proves the rule is the use of an insulated (ungrounded) backstay as a long SSB or ham antenna. To avoid interference, antennas that are used to transmit as well as receive should be spaced from other antennas.
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Using an IComparer
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The foreach Loop
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Stylesheets Newsgroup (Usenet) news:comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets One of the most active CSS discussion communities, this group is a place for practical advice, passionate arguments over theory, explorations of the subtleties of the CSS specification, and everything in between. (Incidentally, due to its excessive length, the name of this group is often abbreviated to ciwas pronounced see-wass.) New authors are encouraged to read the group s FAQs (posted twice weekly) and make use of a CSS validator before posting questions. The group charter does not prohibit discussion of style languages other than CSS, but, in practice, CSS-related messages account for well over 95% of the group s traffic. The signal-to-noise ratio is astonishingly high for a Usenet group, at least for certain definitions of signal. Style Discussion List (W3C) http://lists.w3.org/Mail/Request Sponsored by the World Wide Web Consortium, this list is a place to discuss the state of the CSS specification, as well as proposals for future directions in CSS. How to and help me questions are generally discouraged on this list. Style Discussion List (HTML Writers Guild) http://www.hwg.org/lists/hwg-style/index.html The HWG maintains this list for authors who have how to and help me questions about style languages like CSS. The bulk of list subscribers seem to be real-world Web page designers, so the discussion is focused on what works and how browsers can be made to behave. As with ciwas, style languages other than CSS are open for discussion on this list, but rarely ever come up.
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// Loop until an S is typed. using System; class ForTest { static void Main() { int i; Console.WriteLine("Press S to stop."); for(i = 0; (char) Console.Read() != 'S'; i++) Console.WriteLine("Pass #" + i); } }
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Figure 30.3 Selective byte capture (AU/STS shown here).
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Blender Computer Drill, 8-inch Hair dryer Microwave, small Refrig., 6 cu. ft. Soldering iron TV, 7-inch color VCR/DVD
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Storing Class Objects in a Vector
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q q q h 18.29265 2 103.90200 4 + 160.38930 5 b b b b q q 95.26755 6 + 20.48760 7 b b q q q h 36.58530 b 415.60800 b 3 + 801.94650 b 4 b2 q q 571.60530 5 + 143.41320 6 b b
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Table 5.6a LRFD primary and extreme load combinations for substructures. Primary Loads (DC1 (LL+ FR DC2) DW PL) (LS) Earthquake Ice loads Vehicle collision Vessel collision Contraction and local scour at abutments Contraction and local scour at piers Superstructure collapse due to blast load Settlement of foundation due to design or construction error
Focoltone This 750-color palette was designed from the ground up to be ICC-compliant. If your commercial printer supports Focoltone (an abbreviation for Four-color tone ), if your client is insistent on color consistency between printed material and packaging, and you, the designer, need some flexibility in choosing colors and tints, you might want to try this collection. Trumatch The Trumatch process-color palette is made up of more than 2,000 printable colors. Trumatch has specifically customized its color-matching system to suit the digital color industry using the Computer Electronic Prepress System (CEPS). The palette has 40 tints and shades of each hue. Black is varied in 6-percent increments. Web Safe The Web Safe Palette contains the 216 colors of the Web Safe color model. Colors are defined using the hexadecimal scheme; one of six shades of each color (red, green, and blue) is combined together to create each color in the palette. TOYO and DIC The TOYO and DIC color-matching systems are widely used throughout Asia Japan, in particular. Each system contains its own numbering system and collection of different process colors. The TOYO collection of colors has been developed using its own process ink colors. The DIC (Dainippon Ink and Chemicals, Inc.) brand of process color inks is divided into three categories: DIC, DIC Traditional, and DIC Part II.
(b) (c) (d) (e) (f) 3. (a) 3 3 ln x 2 dx = ln2 x 2 + C x 4 1 sin x cos x dx = sin2 x + C 2 1 tan x ln cos x dx = ln2 cos x + C 2 sec2 x etan x dx = etan x + C (2x + 1) (x 2 + x + 7)43 dx = We have
The arrow operator ( >) accesses the members of a structure through a pointer.
Related Properties
DC bias 0.9 50 mA
Fig. 15-3 The linearly decreasing case in Example 15-2.
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