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Incorporating BIM in Existing Classes
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Introducing the Class
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You must decide whether to do some, most or all of the work yourself, or to outsource the project to a BD production house or to partners who can take on some of the specialized
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To configure an LDAP server, follow these steps: 1. In the left pane of the Configuration Utility, click SSL VPN. 2. In the right pane, click Global. 3. Under Authentication, click authentication settings. 4. In the Maximum Number of Users field, type the number of users who can be authenticated using LDAP. 5. In Default Authentication Type, select LDAP.
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Part II:
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You may have noticed that liking the developer is not included on the learner s list of what to look for in a developer. While liking the developer can be beneficial, it is far more important that the learner respect the developer. With regard to what developers should look for in a learner, the phrase someone the developer doesn t dislike has been purposely chosen; the developer does not need to like the learner, only to have no adverse reaction to him or her. If the developer dislikes the learner, that individual would most likely sense the developer s negativity even if the developer tried to hide it. When the learner respects the developer, the developer doesn t dislike the learner, and the coaching achieves tangible results, mutual positive regard and respect usually develop as the coaching progresses. Because most managers do not get to choose their learners since coaching is often part of the manager s job the coaching relationship can be severely compromised if unresolved tension exists between the two. Managers in this situation should try to repair the relationship before the coaching begins. If that is not possible, it is advisable to find an alternative developer for the learner. The question is often asked whether learners and developers should be paired on the basis of a shared characteristic, such as gender, race, age, and/or personality. Individuals who are similar may understand each other better, and the developer may serve as a more viable role model, but these developers can also unintentionally reinforce the learner in ways that do not support growth. When paired with someone who is dissimilar to them, learners often benefit because the developer brings in a different perspective. With respect to the Enneagram, when the developer and learner are not the same Enneagram style, there are definite advantages; for example, the developer brings a different set of mental models, emotional responses, and behavior patterns from which to challenge the learner. If the developer and learner have the same Enneagram style, the match can still be beneficial, but only if the developer possesses a much higher level of self-mastery than the learner. When this is the case, the developer can do the following to optimize the process and results: fully understand the learner, serve as an excellent role model, challenge and inspire the learner to grow at an accelerated pace, and offer development activities that the developer knows will work from direct experience. Make the best match possible, and plan in advance how to compensate for a less than optimal one.
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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Distance Limitation
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secured the Harry Potter license and realized, quite correctly, that that would be a much more lucrative game to publish. But everybody in the building could tell what the Genesis project was about, and we all had a collective idea of how it would look to be in our imaginary world.
Table 11-1.
Even if we have links to follow, there is no good way to find a specific set of information. We still need a database catalog that we can search that lists sites that might contain the information we want. The search engines (such as Yahoo! and Alta Vista) provide a database to search very similar to the way Gopher and Veronica tools did in the past. Enterprising individuals also developed Web crawlers that would follow hyperlinks based on a key word and fetch all the associated pages. You could start these crawlers, go to bed, and wake up with a full disk. Today s databases are a combination of crawling and advertising. The business plan of the search engine provider is to offer advertising along with the database information. Companies that pay more get a better position on each page. In a few cases, the ordering of the hits on the page is a function of how much the information source paid to gets its listing put first. The goal of the game is to entice the Web surfers to your site. Once there, you can either sell them something or present them with advertising for which you have been paid. The more visitors to your site, the more you can charge for the so-called banner advertisements. For folks looking for information, these banner ads are just background noise. Being enticed to look at one will often lead you on an interesting, but irrelevant, wild goose chase.
substance was the limiting reactant at the end of step 5, step 6, and step 7. How were you able to determine this
feature off before adding aggregate tables: Choose Tools | Options | Database. Remove the check mark from Create Default Classes And Objects From Tables. You do not want separate objects from these tables. Instead, you will point existing objects to access the aggregate tables. To follow the steps, use the Test Fashion universe created in earlier chapters. 1. Insert the aggregate table into the universe structure. Click the Table Browser button or use the pull-down menu to select Insert | Table | AGG_YR_QT_MT_MN_ WK_RG_CY_SN_SR_QT_MA. 2. Expand the class Test Fashion Measures. 3. Select the object Sum of Amount Sold or Revenue. 4. Click the >> next to sum(Shop_facts.Amount_sold)to invoke the SQL Editor. 5. If you wish to avoid re-creating the SQL for the detail SHOP_FACTS table, ensure your mouse is positioned at the start of the SQL statement. 6. Under Functions, click the + sign next to @Functions to expand the group and display the Designer internal functions. 7. Double-click @Aggregate_Aware to insert the syntax in the SQL statement box. 8. Under Functions, click the + sign next to Number to display the SQL RDBMS functions. Scroll to sum() and click to insert the syntax into the SQL statement. 9. Under Tables And Columns, expand the aggregate table AGG_YR_QT_MT_MN_WK_ RG_CY_SN_SR_QT_MA and double-click SALES_REVENUE to insert the table. column between the parentheses of sum(). 10. Delete the right parenthesis and move it to the end to close the statement. Your SQL statement should appear as follows:
Because a large emphasis was put on the consideration of new business models during the development process of the AACS specification, it does not come as a surprise that content on recordable discs and other electronic distribution channels can also be protected using AACS. The method to be used for such things is called AACS Protection for Prepared Video. The technology is very similar to that used for prerecorded media (i.e. ROM discs), but on recordable discs it allows content protection for other business models, such as j Electronic Sell-through (EST) EST, also known as download and burn, describes the content typically distributed through the Internet that can be stored on a computer, or burnt onto a recordable disc. j Manufacturing on Demand (MOD) This service provides a distribution channel that is particularly suited for niche content that may create discs on-demand. Typical scenarios
preventive control A control that is used to prevent unwanted events from happening. primary key One of the fields in a table in a relational database management system (rDBMS) whose values are unique for each record (row). See also relational database management system, table, row, field. print server A server that is used to coordinate printing to shared printers.
Equation 2.52 gives velocity y = y= hp pq sin in rad and with Eq. 2.8, the velocity 2b b hpw pq sin in sec 2b b 1
StdSSN StdFirstName StdLastName StdCity
Do women typically gain weight following pregnancy Why do some women note increased alopecia postpartum
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