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balptr = &balance;
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Presentation Server Troubleshooting
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Personal computers tend to have a maximum lifespan of only a few years for most organizations. Upgrading a PC is an expensive task that includes not only the cost of the machine and its operating system software, but also the expense of ordering, delivering,
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Figure 7-17 Eye diagram of a digital signal
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data link Layer 2 of the OSI network model. See also OSI network model. data management utility A type of utility software used to manipulate, list, transform, query, compare, encrypt, decrypt, import, or export data. See also utility software. data-oriented system development (DOSD) A software development life-cycle process that starts with a design of data and interfaces to databases and then moves on to program design. data restore The process of copying data from backup media to a target system for the purpose of restoring lost or damaged data. database management system (DBMS) A software program that facilitates the storage and retrieval of potentially large amounts of structured or unstructured information. database server debugging systems. A server that contains one or more databases.
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When all functional, technology, security, privacy, regulatory, and other requirements have been finalized, design of the application can begin. It is assumed that a high-level design was developed in the feasibility study (since an elementary design is necessary to estimate costs in order to compute the financial viability of the application), but if not, the high-level design should be developed first. The design effort should be a top-down process, starting with the major components of the application, and then decomposing each module into increasingly detailed pieces. It s difficult to say whether a data flow diagram, entity relationship diagram (ERD), or some other high-level depiction of the application should be developed first. This will depend partly upon the nature of the application, and partly on the experience of the programmers, analysts, and designers. Regardless, design should start out at a high level and graduate to levels of increasing complexity, to the point where database designers and developers have sufficient detail to begin development. Project team members who represent business owners/operators/customers should review the application design to confirm that the analysts and designers concept of the application agrees with that of business owners. Reviews should be done at each level
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Disaster Recovery Planning and Configuration
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ATM Switch #2
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VoD server
4. You can accept Designer s default List Name, or you can modify the name to be more meaningful. In this case, change the List Name to MONTHNN.
To access an element in a two-dimensional array, you must specify both indices, separating the two with a comma. For example, to assign the value 10 to location 3, 5 of array table, you would use
the access-class Line Subcon guration mode command. Note that you can also do this with an Extended ACL, but this requires more con guration on your part.
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In addition to this traditional life cycle, however, networks are based on international, government, and industry standards that dictate performance. These form the foundation for any network specification. As a result, defining and understanding the applicable standards before establishing the network performance expectations, and therefore the network specification, is also a step in the overall development and deployment cycle. These standards will establish the tests and measurements required to ensure that a new network or network element will function as part of a greater network operation. Figure 18.1 shows this total life cycle for a cellular network. 18.2 Research and Development, and Type Approval, and Confidence Testing Test equipment is required initially in the research and design laboratories. The equipment usually is very generic and flexible. Test accuracy is crucial to ensure design margins in the system. Very often the R&D engineer will verify performance on several pieces of equipment to provide confidence that the results are repeatable and consistent. Speed of testing is not an issue because the early tests will almost always be car391
Introduction to Database Environments
Are Loops a Bad Thing
Why would you want to manage your anger and intensity Why would you want to have a relationship and family
%a %A %b %B %c %d %H %I %j %m %M %p %S %U %w %W %x %X %y %Y %Z %% Table 14-1.
Signal generator
DVD-Video File Formats under DVD-Video
The C# Language
Table 3.1 In uence of technology level on bridge failures. Bridge Component Deck slab Old Technology Open steel grid or steel oor beam supported or low strength concrete Bitumen or screed for concrete deck Made of cast iron, wrought iron, or mild steel with low yield strength Use of non-redundant through trusses Riveted connections Non-crash tested Rigid connections in substructure Rocker and roller New Technology HPC, Exodermic and FRPC Remarks Concrete deck is replaced every 15 or 20 years Wearing surfaces added (FWS) as required Hybrid girders being used
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