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Coaxial Cable Systems and Networks
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Apex Builder An on-demand component allowing easy drag-and-drop customization with a limited set of features. Apex API A method of retrieving raw data from Salesforce.com s servers. The API is used by programs that are external to Salesforce.com, like Java applications that need access to information on a client s Salesforce.com account. Apex Code A programming language that is executed on Salesforce.com s servers. The Apex Code offers flexibility in developing by using the Apex API while reducing the number of calls between the client and server.
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In this version, the alias Ctr is specified for Counter by the following line:
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Notice that the return type of MemberType is MemberTypes. MemberTypes is an enumeration that defines values that indicate the various member types. Among others, these include MemberTypes.Constructor MemberTypes.Method MemberTypes.Field MemberTypes.Event MemberTypes.Property Thus, the type of a member can be determined by checking MemberType. For example, if MemberType equals MemberTypes.Method, then that member is a method.
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This appendix discusses the noise-combining effect in single cable reverse cable television systems. In a subsplit reverse system, carrier C1 is at channel T-7 (7.0 MHz) and C2 is at channel T-8 (13 MHz). These channels are combined in a splitter and a directional coupler with equal noise levels. Channel T-7 Channel T-8
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In this statement, the plus sign causes the value of x to be displayed after the string that precedes it. This approach can be generalized. Using the + operator, you can chain together as many items as you want within a single WriteLine( ) statement. The next line of code assigns y the value of x divided by 2:
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a program. Instead, C++ expects you, the programmer, to be responsible enough to prevent array overruns in the first place and to add appropriate error checking on your own, as needed. Also, as you will learn later in this book, it is possible for you to define array types of your own that perform bounds checking, if your program actually requires this feature.
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Inheritance and Name Hiding
Member iterator begin( ); const_iterator begin( ) const; void clear( ); size_type count(const key_ type &k) const; bool empty( ) const; iterator end( ); const_iterator end( ) const; void erase(iterator i); void erase(iterator start, iterator end); size_type erase(const key_type &k) iterator find(const key_type &k); const_iterator find (const key_type &k) const; iterator insert(iterator i, const value_type &val);
Review travel brochures to see how other photographers have photographed the
ciscoasa(config)# interface physical_if_name ciscoasa(config-if)# [no] pim
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