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// Use IsAlive to wait for threads to end. class MoreThreads { static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Main thread starting."); // Construct MyThread mt1 MyThread mt2 MyThread mt3 three = new = new = new threads. MyThread("Child #1"); MyThread("Child #2"); MyThread("Child #3");
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Fragments are basically parts of an IP packet that has to be split into two or more packets because the original packet is larger than the supported MTU (maximum transmission unit) size for the connected segment. Fragmentation used to be a common occurrence when LAN networks used mixed topologies like Ethernet, Token Ring, and/or FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface). Today fragmentation is less likely in networks; however, it can occur in certain situations. Probably the most common place where fragmentation will occur in networks today is in VPNs, since VPNs can add a lot of overhead to a packet. For example, if you re implementing IPSec over TCP for the data connections, you re adding an outer IP header, a TCP header, and an ESP header, which might cause fragmentation. (See my book The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide (Cisco Press, 2005) for more information on this topic.) NFS, the Network File System, is another service that commonly creates fragments. By default the appliance allows up to 24 fragments that will make up a complete IP packet, as well as up to 200 fragments that are waiting to be reassembled back into a complete packet. If you do not expect fragments in your network, then you should have the appliance drop any fragments that it receives. This is accomplished with the following command:
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Web Intelligence aggregates measures in two ways: SQL functions and projection aggregates. SQL functions affect the number of rows returned in the initial query. When you drill within a document, Web Intelligence uses projection aggregates. Projection aggregates are set by the universe designer (see 9, in the section Projection Aggregates, for more information). For the most part, you do not need to worry about projection aggregates if your universe has been designed correctly. However, I would caution you against drilling down on any kind of ratio or average. Figure 19-12 shows a summary table with sales revenue, quantity sold, and average selling prices by State and Quarter. The averages selling price for Q1 in Texas is listed as 143.11 in the top table in Figure 19-12. This selling price, however, is an average of other detail averages. It is not the revenue of 758,796 / quantity 5,278 as many users would prefer. The document or microcube contains additional details by individual Store Name and month. The bottom table in Figure 19-12 displays 12 rows of detail numbers for Texas stores that were used to calculate the one row in the summary table. For these particular objects, the universe designer specified a projection aggregate of Sum for Revenue and Quantity Sold, and Average for Selling Price. It would be blatantly wrong to use SUM, as the projection aggregate for Selling Price as 1,717.29 is wrong. The average of 143.11 is not completely correct either, as this is an average of the 12 detail averages. To get a correct aggregate, you would need to recalculate the ratio or the revenue of 758,796 / quantity 5,278 to display 143.77.
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TABLE 25-12
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Integrating a Photograph into a Layout
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Step 5 Determine Coaching Goals and Learner Motivation
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Let s focus on this point for a minute by looking at some examples. This means that a ow of +5 C/s to the right is the same as 5 C/s owing to the left. It also means that 7 A of negative charge owing to the left is equivalent to 7 A of positive charge owing to the right. EXAMPLE 1-6 At a certain point P in a wire, 32 C/s ow to the right, while 8 C/s of negative charge ow to the left. What is the net current in the wire SOLUTION By convention we de ne current as the rate of ow of positive charge. The current that ows to the right in the wire is i R (t) = +32 A The current owing to the left is negative charge i L (t) = 8 A Now 8 A of negative charge owing to the left is equivalent to 8 A of positive charge owing to the right. So the net current is i(t) = i R (t) i L (t) = 32 ( 8) = 40 A
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IP Audit Signatures
Why am I always late Why am I always broke
Figure 3.8 The impedance-matching T network.
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
A nonlinear equation will lead to non-linear stress distribution across the depth of a deep beam. Currently this non-linear effect is being neglected by AASHTO for deep beams.
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