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// First, create a WebRequest to a URI. WebRequest req = WebRequest.Create(""); // Next, send that request and return the response. WebResponse resp = req.GetResponse();
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An error message A response identical to the variable sent in the Set request (showing it was accepted), or Actual database values, as requested in a Get-Next.
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5. Thinking Critically Compare the e/m ratio value you obtained with the accepted value of
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If we had not specified the shortcut key, running the macro again would require the following sequence: Tools > Macro > Macros. You will then see the dialog box in Figure 16-3. Select the macro you want to run. In this case, there is only one and it is already highlighted. Then click on Run. data matrix generator
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base infrastructure. The fundamental Ethernet frame largely remained the same30 independent of, say Ethernet s speed.31 This fact made it enormously easy to work with a mish-mash of Ethernet devices and applications and led to Ethernet being perceived as a future-proof investment that would not be obsolete in a short period. The continual innovation and commercialization of Ethernet led to dramatic improvements in its performance that, along with the economies of scale, meant cost was correspondingly reduced while new demand was stimulated. Figure 1.7 generally reflects32 the bandwidth/speed changes in Ethernet interfaces over time, with the corresponding price per bit. The bandwidth of Ethernet cards increased tenfold periodically for about 1/3rd increase in cost (or less with time). This led to a dramatic decrease (about 70 percent) in the cost per bit from a customer standpoint. In addition, other functionality (priority, traffic management, and so on) was continuously added as well, making the per-bit cost even more appealing. In comparison, the token-based competition, despite some initial appeal, was woefully left behind in a short while, as shown Figure 1.7. As price and performance improved, Ethernet became even more popular in the enterprise, leading to further competition and improvements and thereby stimulating more demand. This increased-demand-leading-to-improved price/performance cycle coupled with its inherent plug-and-play simplicity was mutually reinforcing and clearly explains the near exponential demand growth in Ethernet LAN ports vis- -vis Token Ring, for example. With such growth, the pool of IT professionals with expertise in Ethernet also grew; and this also contributed to furthering Ethernet s acceptance. Thus, the decision to license Ethernet to anyone, continually improve its capabilities, standardize these capabilities, and enforce interoperability, definitely underpinned the success of Ethernet in the LAN. A pervasive theme was the amazing responsiveness of Ethernet to market requirements, essentially leading to an Ethernet that is vastly different (improved) than the original 802.3 standard, so much so that it is sometimes asserted that the transformed version is simply being called Ethernet, even though it bears little resemblance to the original! The benefits of Ethernet should be obvious to anyone who manages a LAN today, whether in Beijing, Bangalore, or Boston, and even more vividly to anyone who is managing LANs in Beijing, Bangalore, and Boston simultaneously. The universal appeal of plug-and-play Ethernet in the LAN is unquestionable. After Ethernet s astounding success in the LAN, it moved beyond the geographically limited, customer owned and operated LAN. Ethernet, in fact (refer to 802.1 standards in Table 1.1), had long been developing the capabilities to enable delivery at distances and
4 T H E I N T E G R A L
The show ip route Command
The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
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such as e-mail and web browsing, and this number is expected to grow as more and more businesses implement mobile applications.
Two operators are used with pointers: * and &. The & is a unary operator that returns the memory address of its operand. (Recall that a unary operator requires only one operand.) For example,
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