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Citrix Presentation Server can now publish applications, desktops, and content for users managed by NDS or Directory Services in Windows 2000 and Windows NT. However, using Presentation Server in a network environment that employs multiple directory services requires careful planning. Read the following sections carefully before installing Presentation Server in an NDS environment.
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Fig. 9.2 Matching AC Plugs and Receptacles (U.S.)
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IMPORTANT If your access server farm requires SSL, make sure SSL is required for all sites in the Trusted Site zone.
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In this example, no per-host licensing is on the appliance, and currently one connection is in the state table associated with the inside interface. This command gives you a quick idea as to the number of entries in the state table per interface, and the maximum that was seen for each interface. Here s another example of this command, but specifying a single host and using the detail parameter:
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Learning procedures
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Color selectors Color selectors often appear in dialogs or toolbars as a clickable button that has the secondary function of displaying the currently selected color, as shown here. Clicking opens a selector to display the current color palette and requires that you to click once to specify Click to access a a color. Most color selectors also include complete set of color mixers and the Other button, which is a shortcut to digital color Color models, mixers and palettes models (covered in 19). List selectors List selectors differ from combo boxes in that you cannot enter a value, but instead pick from a predefined list of values or graphic samples that show the way that a style or arrow (or similar) will be applied or created. Clicking on one of the entries in the list chooses and applies a value, size, state, mode, or style to the currently selected object. These lists are occasionally called drop-down lists in other applications and pull-down lists on the Macintosh.
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test tubes in a test-tube rack. Place about 8 mL of coffee in the unlabeled test tube and add 0.2 g of decolorizing charcoal to the coffee. Put a stopper in the test tube and shake its contents for 2 min. Use a dry 10-mL graduated cylinder to measure about 6 mL of dry charcoal. Use the filter paper and funnel to construct a filter. With the stem of the funnel inserted in test tube 1, place the dry charcoal into the filter and pour the coffee-charcoal mixture into the filter. If the collected filtrate in test tube 1 is not colorless or pale yellow, filter the filtrate again and record the final color in Data Table 1. Fill a 250-mL beaker half full with cool water. Using a striker, light the Bunsen burner and gently warm the filtrate. CAUTION: Do not point the test tube at anyone during the heating process. Using a test-tube clamp, continuously move the test tube in and out of the flame while gently shaking the contents.
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Time-sensitive Disc Production
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Figure 7.5 illustrates the general inverted tree structure of a cable TV transmission system. Note that the headend of the system is commonly connected to one or more satellite earth stations. The earth stations are
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ACL Overview
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When using Resource Manager with Oracle, the system may continually generate messages about ROLLBACK of distributed transactions. This can occur if the Disable Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) support in the Oracle ODBC driver workarounds configuration is set. If the workaround is not enabled (by default on most Oracle ODBC configurations), this leads to a unique key violation that terminates the SQL transaction and the following resource manager server log entry: [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-02074: cannot ROLLBACK in a distributed transaction.
Notice that the triangle with sides z--x and 3 is similar to the triangle with sides z and 12. Similar triangles are triangles with the same angles and their sides in proportion. This means that the ratios of the sides are equal. z-x --3
This version of FailSoftArray works in the same way as the previous version, but it does not contain an explicitly declared backing field.
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splash. Individual vent plugs are threaded to screw into the vent well but might also be ganged into multiple opening press-fit caps. (Note: Most batteries used today for conversions are maintenance free, which means you do not need to even refill the batteries with water. Even low-speed electric vehicles like the GEM use maintenancefree batteries for an easier consumer experience. It is more prevalent in golf carts.) These might be taper top, side terminal, or L-type on starting batteries, but they are usually of the stud type on deep-discharge batteries (a heavy duty post with a bolt and a washer). This is because high currents soften the lead terminal post, and taper top terminals might shrink away from their connectors and cause increased resistance and intermittent problems.
// ... } class DefaultDemo { static void Main() { // Construct Test using a reference type. Test<MyClass> x = new Test<MyClass>(); if(x.obj == null) Console.WriteLine("x.obj is null."); // Construct Test using a value type. Test<int> y = new Test<int>(); if(y.obj == 0) Console.WriteLine("y.obj is 0."); } }
BPDUs are multicasts that are advertised every 2 seconds.
DNA, the acronym for deoxyribonucleic acid, carries the genetic information of a cell and encodes the information to form proteins. Since 1953, thanks in large part to the work of James Watson and Francis Crick, scientists have recognized that the chemical structure of an individual s DNA encodes information about that individual s inherited characteristics. As DNA Identification in the Criminal Justice System, a May 2002 white paper of the Australian Institute of Criminology has explained: The DNA in a human cell is unique, the product of sexual reproduction that combines half of the mother s DNA and half of the father s DNA. Every cell in an individual s body is the result of cellular division, which copies the DNA in the newly fertilized cell into every other nucleic cell. As a result, DNA in a cellular nucleus is identical throughout a human body but variable between any two humans, making it a natural alternative to artificial human identifiers, such as names or tax-file numbers. The notable exception is identical twins, which develop from a single fertilized cell and hence have identical nuclear DNA. In 1985, Alec Jeffreys and his colleagues in Great Britain first demonstrated the use of DNA in a criminal investigation. During the rape-homicide investigation of two girls, Jeffreys used DNA in two ways: first to exonerate one suspect and later to show that another man had a DNA profile matching that of the sperm in the evidence samples from the girls. Since that time, DNA has become generally accepted by the scientific community, the legal system, and the public as a high-integrity identifier. By 1996, a National Research Council study in the United States determined: The state of [DNA] profiling technology and the methods for estimating frequencies and related statistics have progressed to the point where the admissibility of properly collected and analyzed data [in courts of law] should not be in doubt. In the United States, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere around the world, DNA is regularly used for law enforcement or forensic purposes, sometimes referred to as DNA profiling or DNA fingerprinting. For example, in a rape case, the goal is to match the DNA of the criminal suspect with any DNA he might have left in the blood, semen, or hair taken from the crime. Alternatively, the goal could be to match the victim s DNA with the DNA found on a suspect s personal effects (for example, the victim s hair on the suspect s clothing). DNA might also be used to investigate paternity in cases involving incest or rape. Another application
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