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Figure 5.4 Use of three column hammerhead piers in place of wall piers.
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As the preceding instructions show, compiling short sample programs using the IDE involves a number of steps. However, you don t need to create a new project for each example program in this book. Instead, you can use the same C# project. Just delete the current source file and add the new file. Then recompile and run. This approach greatly simplifies the process. Understand, however, that for real-world applications, each program will use its own project.
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Payload stressing. For confidence, most network equipment manufacturers need to test their equipment under real network conditions before handing it on to a customer. This can be achieved in two main ways:
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FIGURE 14-12 ROOT Switch-A
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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banking web site with so much traffic that the bank s depositors are unable to use it. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack Similar to a DoS attack, a distributed denial of service attack emanates simultaneously from hundreds to thousands of computers. A DDoS attack can be difficult to withstand because of the volume of incoming messages, as well as the large number of attacking systems. Equipment theft Here, computer or network equipment is stolen. Information contained in stolen equipment may be easy to extract unless it is encrypted. Disclosure of sensitive information disclosed to any unauthorized party. Any sensitive information that is
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The C# Language
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Puerto Rico to New York and the time required for shipment was 8 days. Will you choose to ship ripe bananas or green bananas Why
The planning process will be based on knowledge about the existing hardware environment for servers and host systems.
Sales Volume % to Target
ISO 9660 Image Sometimes called disc image. A representation of CD-ROM contents as a single large le, re ecting the logical format as well as the full set of programs and data. Jewel Case A plastic enclosure with a hinged lid that protects a compact disc during storage. The jewel case usually includes a cardboard insert describing the title, disc contents, information about the artist or contents, and sales information. Also sometimes called a jewel box. JPEG The Joint Photographic Experts Group. Represents a standard means of compression for photographic images. JPEG standard A compression scheme formulated by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. Jukebox A CD-ROM or DVD-ROM player that handles more than one disc. The jukebox contains a mechanism, similar to the music jukeboxes that handled 45rpm records, that locates and mounts a particular compact disc for reading. Jukeboxes typically hold between 6 to 100 compact discs. Lacquer Coating A protectant that is used to seal the surface of a compact disc after the data pattern has been imprinted. Land The level surface region of a compact disc, sometimes called a at. Transi-
Report Distribution and Receipt
Assume for a moment that a company had sales last month of $10M (where M stands for million.) Here, sales is clearly a measure, because it has a value, because it s for a specific period of time, and because it is for all products, all customers, and so forth. This is a value that could easily be found in a cube. However, is $10M in sales last month good or bad By itself, the measure provides no information about the quality of the number. And it is this quality, or health, of the number that first separates a KPI from a measure. While not technically required, almost all KPIs have an indicator as to the health of the current number. This is typically done by assigning not just a value to the KPI, but also a target. In this case, the value is the current, or actual, value of $10M. If the target was $8M, most people would find this to be a very good number. If, on the other hand, the target was $15M, this particular KPI would probably look rather bad. When displaying the Sales KPI on a scorecard, the scorecard might show only the value or both the value and the target. In addition, the scorecard will usually show an indicator of the health of that particular KPI. These indicators vary from traffic lights with Green, Yellow, and Red indicators, to faces that smile or frown, to thermometers, and so forth. Several different indicators can be seen in Figure 4-1. Realize that it is the indicator, not the numbers, that make scorecards easy to grasp quickly, and it is therefore important to use clear, easily understandable indicators.
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