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Availability Management
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Note that each sentence is stronger than was the one, longer sentence. Now that you see them one after another, however, do you notice the redundant structure The rst begins, We guarantee. The second begins, We promise. Given the similarity, it might be better to combine them.
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Use the write memory command to store RSA key pairs in flash memory. I discuss RSA and public/private keys in more depth in s 15 and 16. Once you have created your RSA key pair, you can now specify the addresses permitted to establish SSH connections to the appliance. Use the ssh command to specify permitted addresses:
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cout << "Enter a string: "; gets(p1); // read a string // print the ASCII values of each character while(*p1) cout << (int) *p1++ << ' '; cout << '\n'; } while(strcmp(s, "done")); return 0; }
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Case Study: Creating an Enhanced CD
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is feature clustering and saving the clustered representation in a database. The last step is pattern matching new voice data against the database for decision making. Various methods and acoustic models exist for determining features and grouping them for subsequent template comparisons. A technique called vector quantization (VQ) maps large vector representations of voice signals containing many thousands of values into a small number of regions, on the order of 100 200. This small set of regions forms the basis for determining speaker-specific features. A VQ lookup table is constructed for each speaker based on a series of training samples. Then, during the recognition phase, the similarities and differences are accumulated over time to determine the most probable match. The crux of word recognition and template matching depends on the proper alignment and normalization of utterances in the time dimension, and a wellknown technique for performing temporal registration and scaling is called dynamic time warping (DTW). Stochastic-based models are also now a popular (and preferred) technique for speaker recognition, and have mostly replaced template matching based on accumulated averages for speaker identification. The most popular stochastic model is the Hidden Markov Model (HHM). Stochastic models are used in the patternmatching process to measure the likelihood of an observation given a particular speaker model. Such models are constructed by establishing a set of discrete observations and linking them together according to the probabilities of sequenced transitions between the observations.14 The current state of the art for text-dependent verification consists of applying an HHM model to the entire phrase. This yields an equal-error rate of about 2 3 percent for verification. VeriVoice is an example of a commercial voice verification system. Its intended use includes phone security, access control, and PC login. Voice enrollment consists of the users voicing digits to the system: zero, one, two, and so on. One of the dialogs used in the enrollment process is shown in Figure 4-4. The entire process takes about three minutes and results in a voiceprint template that is 2 5 KB large. After enrollment is complete, access control events are verified in a matter of two to three seconds. VeriVoice reports the equal error rate of its system to be
By itself an optical fiber can be considered as equivalent to a hose without , water or a wire without current. To provide the system with transmission capability an optical fiber requires a light source at one of its ends and a , light detector at the destination. Thus, the purpose of this chapter is to become acquainted with the use of optical fiber as a transmission system by focusing on the transmitter and the receiver used in such systems. To accomplish this goal, we will discuss the operating characteristics of lightemitting diodes (LEDs) and lasers. Once this is accomplished, we will consider the operational characteristics of different types of optical receivers, which are commonly referred to as detectors or optical detectors. Because you cannot simply shine light into a fiber or place a detector at the end of a fiber the roles of a coupler and its connector are extremely important. , Thus, we will also cover the use of these components in this chapter. However before beginning our coverage of light sources and detectors, let s make , sure that we understand how they are employed. Thus, let s begin this chapter by focusing on the components of an optical transmission system.
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Approximately 3 4% of fetuses at term are breech (increased rates at earlier gestational ages) Uterine shape (fibroids, placenta previa, poly/oligohydramnios, m llerian anomaly, etc.) Fetal shape (anomalies such as anencephaly) Fetal mobility (asphyxia, impaired growth, fetal structural malformation, fetal chromosomal anomaly, etc.)
Seat belt use was reported in less than half of these cases Falls account for 10 20% Interpersonal and domestic violence accounts for 12 31% However, the CDC considers interpersonal violence to be the leading cause of traumatic maternal injury What percentage of U.S. pregnancies experience significant nonobstetrical trauma What is the risk of fetal death following abruption 6 7%, with the incidence of trauma increasing throughout the course of the pregnancy 42%
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