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The output from this program is shown here:
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The following program hints at the power of RTTI. It uses a modified version of the figure class hierarchy from 15, which defines classes that compute the area of a circle, triangle, and rectangle. In the program, the function called factory( ) creates an instance of a circle, triangle, or rectangle, and returns a pointer to it. (A function that produces objects is sometimes called an object factory.) The specific type of object created is determined by the outcome of a call to rand( ), C++ s random-number generator. Thus, there is no way to know in advance what type of object will be generated. The program creates ten objects and counts the number of each type of figure. Since any type of figure may be generated by a call to factory( ), the program relies upon typeid to determine which type of object has actually been made.
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Here, the names of the fields are explicitly specified along with their initial values. This results in a default instance of MyClass being constructed (by use of the implicit default constructor) and then Count and Str are given the specified initial values. It is important to understand that the order of the initializers is not important. For example, obj could have been initialized as shown here:
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You ve probably seen some slick logos whose shapes have a metallic appearance, with really smooth color transitions reminiscent of traditional airbrush work. In CorelDRAW, the effect is accomplished through the use of Fountain Fills, and you re going to apply one next to the gear shape. Fountain Fills come in many different styles: they make a transition over an object s shape from one color to a different color, black to white, for example. Fountain Fill color transitions can move across an object in a linear style, circularly, and in a host of other directions. For this example, let s stick to the default of Linear all the features covered in this Test Drive are cross-referenced at the end of this chapter.
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primary# show failover [group group_#]
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Call setup and breakdown Call management and conversation
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Factors Influencing Registration and Reregistration
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8000 bacteria at 5:00 p.m. that same day. How many bacteria were there at noon
Sample 1; 6; 12 01; 06; 12 Jan; Jun; Dec JAN; JUN; DEC January; June; December 87; 99; 05 1987; 1999; 2005 08:30; 09:21; 12:30 08:30:27; 09:21:59; 12:30:00
1. Byte streams are useful for file I/O, especially binary file I/O, and they support random access files. The character streams are optimized for Unicode. 2. The class at the top of the stream hierarchy is Stream. 3. Here is one way to open a file for byte input: FileStream fin = new FileStream("myfile", FileMode.Open); 4. Here is one way to open a file for reading characters: StreamReader frdr_in = new StreamReader(new FileStream("myfile", FileMode.Open));
shown in the last example, an asymmetrical weight sequence could be used to tailor the motion for speci c purpose if needed. The effects of the several different weight sequences are shown in Figs. 5.17 to 5.19. Careful consideration of the resulting contact forces could be used to re ne the motion further.
SIP is a signaling protocol that handles the setup, modification, and teardown of multimedia sessions. SIP, in combination with other protocols, is used to describe the session characteristics to potential session participants. Although strictly speaking, SIP is written such that the media to be used in a given session could use any transport protocol, the media will
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An adversary is a person interested in attacking your network; his motivation
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