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Cache Servers cache individual pages of reports for Desktop Intelligence and Crystal Reports users. When a user views a large report, the Cache Server sends a single page to the user s browser. The Web Intelligence Report Server has caching abilities as part of that process, so you will not see a separate Web Intelligence Cache Server. If your deployment includes Crystal Reports for pixel-perfect reporting, then you will see additional server processes optimized for that report type: Crystal Reports Page Server, List of Values Job Server, Report Application Server, and Destination Job Server. Don t let the names of some of these servers mislead you to thinking they are not available for other report types; it s simply that the work is performed by a different server process. For example, the List of Values Job Server processes lists of values only for Crystal Reports documents; it does not process lists of values for Web Intelligence or Desktop Intelligence documents. Instead, the Web Intelligence Report Server and Desktop Intelligence Report Server handle the processing for those lists of values. Administrators may start and stop services using the Windows Central Configuration Manager, or they may use the web-based Central Management Console, shown next. In the following screenshot, services that are running are indicated with a green up arrow and stopped services have a red down arrow:
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The Production Ladder
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In addition to the methods defined by the interfaces that it implements, List<T> defines several methods of its own. A sampling is shown in Table 25-15.
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This means that the remaining characters, UVWXYZ, have not yet been used. If another scanf( ) call is made, such as
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Number of VLANs
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24.1.2 The need for protocol analysis
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Analyze the integral 1 dx. x( 1 x) 1/2
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
Sales Representative TI-Commission: 2C. Ramped Commission Hybrid
List specific operating conditions for each application, including the following: Memory requirements Disk space requirements Sound requirements Drive mapping requirements Any patches or service packs Location of the install files
Figure 3-21 L-band to IF conversion in receiver
For best action, the overhang A (which varies through the complete cycle) should be as small and rigid as possible and the coef cient of friction mc should be kept as small as possible, such as by a good lubricant and minimization of contaminants.
18.2.1 Making the standards
string RightPad(string pad_input_parameter; number output_length; string orig_input_parameter)
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