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Exploring the C# Library
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Video Capture Format: Video Capture Resolutions: Frames per Second: Maximum Video Length: Size: Weight: Other Features:
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At the lowest level, all C# I/O operates on bytes. This makes sense because many devices are byte oriented when it comes to I/O operations. Frequently, though, we humans prefer to communicate using characters. Recall that in C#, char is a 16-bit type, and byte is an 8-bit type. If you are using the ASCII character set, then it is easy to convert between char and byte; just ignore the high-order byte of the char value. But this won t work for the rest of the Unicode characters, which need both bytes (and possibly more). Thus, byte streams are not perfectly suited to handling character-based I/O. To solve this problem, the .NET Framework defines several classes that convert a byte stream into a character stream, handling the translation of byte-to-char and char-to-byte automatically.
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7: Signaling System 7 (SS7)
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The Object Browser
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IPSec Remote Access Server
What Is Ethernet
Related Functions
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