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// A simple property example. using System; class SimpProp { int prop; // field being managed by MyProp public SimpProp() { prop = 0; } /* This is the property the private instance allows only positive public int MyProp { get { return prop; } set { if(value >= 0) prop } } } // Demonstrate a property. class PropertyDemo { static void Main() { SimpProp ob = new SimpProp(); Console.WriteLine("Original value of ob.MyProp: " + ob.MyProp); ob.MyProp = 100; // assign value Console.WriteLine("Value of ob.MyProp: " + ob.MyProp); // Can't assign negative value to prop. Console.WriteLine("Attempting to assign -10 to ob.MyProp"); ob.MyProp = -10; Console.WriteLine("Value of ob.MyProp: " + ob.MyProp); } } that supports access to variable prop. It values. */
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OAM configuration Also termed OAM capabilities, advertises OAM capabilities for the particular link entity, so that the peer station(s) can determine which functions are supported and accessible, for example, loopback capability, MIB access, and so on. OAM mode This particular field conveys information defining whether the given link station has active/inactive OAM functionalities. Therefore, such information is typically used to determine the available functionality of the particular device. OAMPDU configuration This particular field conveys the maximum OAMPDU size for reception and delivery processes and is typically used to limit OAM traffic bandwidth allocation, along with frame rate limitation. Platform identity This particular field is a combination of an organization unique identifier (OUI) and 32-bits of vendor-specific information and is used to identify the given OAM protocol implementation version. OUI allocation is controlled by the IEEE, and OUIs are typically equal the first three bytes of a MAC address, the pool of which is allocated to each Ethernet MAC and equipment manufacturer.
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TABLE A-3 Institute Instituto Tecnol gico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Estado de M xico Mexico City Atizap n de Zaragoza State Estado de M xico Web Site
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There are many other commands, but the preceding are the most common management and troubleshooting commands configured or executed on the appliance. When executing a command that includes an IPv6 address, use the standard nomenclature for IPv6 addresses. For example, if you want to ping a device with an IPv6 address, the ping command would look something like this:
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One final note: Sometimes energy levels are referred to as energy states. They are the same thing. The key is the use of the word energy to distinguish between all possible states of the system, including those states with the same energy, versus only the energy states (i.e., levels) of the system and using degeneracy to account for other states of the system. In an effort to keep the distinction clear, we will usually use the word levels when talking about energy and the word states when including all configurations of the system (not just energy states, but conformations, vibrational modes, rotational modes, etc.). Sometimes, however, it will make sense for us to use the term energy states. Just keep in mind that energy states and energy levels mean the same thing.
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The operation of X.25 is very different from the Internet Protocol (IP). It is important at some point to draw the distinction between the two protocols. Without a full-blown discussion of the OSI Reference Model, let us start with the basic concepts of packet switching and the transport of packets across an X.25 network. Figure 29-1 is a picture of the Reference Model to be used as a reference as we discuss the operation of networking protocols. A few quick notes are in order: 1. The physical layer attaches to whatever network is at hand. There could be multiple physical connections in any given system. 2. The link layer handles communications across the physical link only between adjacent machines by putting data in frames. 3. The network layer must be consistent across the entire network, and it is where packet switching is handled. 4. The Transport layer handles end-to-end transport and integrity of data. The communicating entities at transport layer have no idea (very theoretically) that the underlying layers exist or what their characteristics are.
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Table 11-2: Summary of Speeds for Various Technologies Technology Token ring FDDI X.25 Application LAN shared ring switched Shared ring Dial up or leased line Speeds 4 16 Mbps normal, or 1,000 Mbps under consideration. 100 Mbps normal. 56 Kbps top end in North America, 64 Kbps top end in rest of world. Up to 34 Mbps common. Starts at 56 Kbps normally, top end is 50 Mbps. Starts at 1.544 Mbps, top end is 622 Mbps today, 2.488 Gbps for future application.
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Con rm Your Text Is Clear and Professional 137 Grammar and Punctuation Update 137 Politically Correct Writing 141 Punctuate for Clarity 143 Exercise 20: Revise for Clarity 147 Using Proper Grammar Signals Professionalism 149 Exercise 21: Correct Common Grammar Errors 153 Use the Correct Word 155 Exercise 22: Practice Using Frequently Misused Words 158 Capitalize for Emphasis 159 Exercise 23: Capitalize Correctly 162 Exercise 24: What Did You Learn 163
Because electric vehicles use less energy then gasoline-powered vehicles, their effect on the environment is much less than vehicles powered by fossil fuels. Because electric vehicles are more efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles, they cost less to run. Electric vehicles have existed for more than a hundred years (predating internal combustion engine vehicles). The aerospace-derived technology to improve them has existed for decades. Unquestionably, EVs will be the de facto transportation mode of choice for years to come, if life on our planet is to continue to exist in its modern form with the conveniences we count on today. Figure 2-2 shows the reasons why. In direct contrast to the problems created by internal combustion engine vehicles, EVs:
immediately. But, if A remains silent waiting for another station to talk to it, and if that other station is on, say, trunk 1, it might wait forever; the bridge, having learned that A is on trunk 1, will not relay frames addressed to A from trunk 1. Therefore, there is a timeout on every entry in the bridge s filtering database. After five minutes without receiving a frame with A in its source address, the entry for A is removed. The next frame sent to A will be relayed to all trunks because the bridge no longer knows what else to do. As soon as A responds, its location is learned. Note that in the worst case, A responds on some other medium entirely, so the bridge never learns A s Ethernet MAC address. In that case, the bridged LAN is no worse off than if it were all one coaxial trunk.
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The stopping distance, using this time, is
The position of a body moving along a linear track is given by p(t) = 3t 2 5t + 7 feet. Calculate the velocity and the acceleration at time t = 3 seconds.
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