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// Overload a function three times. #include <iostream> using namespace std; void f(int i); // integer parameter void f(int i, int j); // two integer parameters void f(double k); // one double parameter int main() { f(10);
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Upgrading to Citrix Presentation Server 4.0
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G.723.1 Algebraic Code-Excited Linear Prediction (ACELP)
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From records of past expenditures, a computer program can be developed for estimating daily cost per vehicle usage. For selection of major repairs, retro t, rehabilitation, or replacement, a discount rate may be applied. Only broad concepts are presented to help in selecting the type of reconstruction, whether rehabilitation or replacement. For more accurate calculations, with variable interest and in ation rates, software can calculate present worth and annual worth. Activities for rehabilitation and repair are absorbing an increasing share of public funding. The bulk of highway funds are being allocated to maintain existing bridges rather than funneling the money to construct new ones, so with limited funding many existing bridges may be kept open. To reduce the demands on already strained construction and maintenance budgets, it may be bene cial to pursue the option of preservation rather than going for complete replacement.
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The ip nat inside source list command requires you to configure a standard IP ACL that has a list of the inside source addresses that will be translated any addresses listed with a permit statement will be translated, and any addresses listed with a deny, or the implicit deny, statement will not be translated. Following this is the name of the address pool: this ties together the address pool you ll use that contains your global source IP addresses. To create the pool of source inside global IP addresses, use this command:
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Declare variables
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public MyClass(int i, int j) { alpha = i; beta = j; } // Return true if ob contains the same values as the invoking object. public bool SameAs(MyClass ob) { if((ob.alpha == alpha) & (ob.beta == beta)) return true; else return false; } // Make a copy of ob. public void Copy(MyClass ob) { alpha = ob.alpha; beta = ob.beta; } public void Show() { Console.WriteLine("alpha: {0}, beta: {1}", alpha, beta); } } class PassOb { static void Main() { MyClass ob1 = new MyClass(4, 5); MyClass ob2 = new MyClass(6, 7); Console.Write("ob1: "); ob1.Show(); Console.Write("ob2: "); ob2.Show(); if(ob1.SameAs(ob2)) Console.WriteLine("ob1 and ob2 have the same values."); else Console.WriteLine("ob1 and ob2 have different values."); Console.WriteLine(); // Now, make ob1 a copy of ob2. ob1.Copy(ob2); Console.Write("ob1 after copy: "); ob1.Show(); if(ob1.SameAs(ob2)) Console.WriteLine("ob1 and ob2 have the same values."); else Console.WriteLine("ob1 and ob2 have different values."); } }
The operator will be discussed more fully in 3 in relationship to C s other conditional statements.
The solution to the problem is to subnet the network into a bunch of smaller networks. We do not have to create subnets on even byte boundaries, but for the sake of discussion, we will break the Class A net into Class C like addresses. Figure 29-11 shows (without getting too carried away) what this might look like. The first thing we note is that we have introduced another router because the only way to get between subnets is by using a router. So now, our first router (R-1) thinks it has found the net when it finds a port on the just as before. The second router (R 2) has to know that the network has been subnetted into Class C nets, and that it isn t finished routing until it finds the Class C addressed network. The way the router and all hosts know this is by being given a subnet mask that contains all ones over the portion of the address that specifies the network. The subnet mask for hosts on the network in Figure 29-10 would be The subnet mask for hosts on any of the networks from routers 2 or 3 would be Thus, these routers and hosts don t care if it is a Class A address; they route until they find the last network. The good news is that we can now limit the size of our broadcast domains. Can you imagine what would happen on the network (shown earlier in Figure 29-10 ) if we sent out a broadcast message looking for a particular station Everyone, everywhere would get it. Since nearly all of the Class A and Class B addresses have been assigned, the only addresses available are Class C, and they are running out.
Table 10-2 lists additional IE browser security settings required for those deployment scenarios requiring client software. Most of these settings are available from the Security tab of the Internet Options dialog box.
The success of smart bridge technology on the I-35 bridge will promote the use of such monitoring methods on other bridges. The advantage of using a smart bridge is to detect small structural problems through continued monitoring using remote sensors before they turn into major issues. The new bridge uses four concrete box girders and is built with redundant systems so that if one part fails, the bridge will not collapse. The old bridge was fracture critical, which means that the failure of a few structural elements would bring down the entire bridge. According to a report published by the Minneapolis DOT, the following innovative methods will be used: A record number of 323 embedded sensors will generate an extensive record of stresses and strains under live loads. Strain gauges and accelerometers measure strains and vibrations. Linear potentiometers will be located at the expansion joints and bearings to record response of extreme weather. Chloride penetration sensors in the deck slab will monitor corrosion of concrete due to deicing salt penetration. Sacri cial steel bars are implanted at various depths to indicate rate of corrosion from deicing salts. A system of cameras and sensors will feed data on traf c ow, speed, and accidents to a traf c management center. Other senors will automatically activate the anti-icing system in cold weather. Security sensors will detect intruders trying to access doors of box girders. The data will be fed into a bank of computers in a control room located near the bridge. Such data will be downloaded for analysis by the highway agency. The long-term behavior of such bridge types will be understood much better than ever before. The calibration of sensors was possible by using moving sand trucks of known weights. Eight 25-ton trucks were used. Deep box girders would enable upgrading of the monitoring system from inside the box girders if required in the future.
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