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Data Store Activity
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Stainless 3 dB whip (VHF)
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Summary Database
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and Gross Profit can be placed in the Background panel. However, in order to filter only to Canada, the Sales Territory. Sales Territory hierarchy can be placed in the Background panel, and the designer can use the Member Selector to expand All Sales Territories to North America; North America can in turn be expanded to show the countries in North America; and the developer can place a check next to Canada. The result of this operation is a Big Blue Bar with a value of just a bit over $1 million. If viewed in the browser, having the Show Information turned on will help show that the data has been filtered to show Gross Profit for Canada, as shown in Figure 6-17. It would be easy to add an additional filter to this particular chart. For example, the manager for Canada might be curious about how many sales went through the Reseller channel, so the Sales Channel hierarchy could be placed in the background and the design can filter to just the Reseller channel. As you can see, the background can hold multiple dimensions at once just as the series and bottom axis can do. qr code sample
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You can have the appliance generate a 106100 log message when there is a match on an ACL command by adding the log parameter to your ACL statement:
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C++ // An example that uses reinterpret_cast. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int i; char *p = "This is a string"; i = reinterpret_cast<int> (p); // cast pointer to integer cout << i; return 0; }
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Wireless Essentials
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5: Wireless
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Counts Ratios Seconds G.826
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At the foundation of PLINQ is the ParallelEnumerable class, which is defined in System.Linq. This is a static class that defines many extension methods that support parallel operations. It is, essentially, the parallel version of the standard LINQ class Enumerable. Many of the methods extend ParallelQuery. Others return ParallelQuery. ParallelQuery encapsulates a sequence that supports parallel operations. Both generic and non-generic versions are supported. We won t be working with ParallelQuery directly, but we will be making use of several ParallelEnumerable methods. The most important of these is AsParallel( ), described in the following section.
Console.WriteLine("{0:e}", v); Console.WriteLine("{0:r}", v); Console.WriteLine("{0:p}", v2); Console.WriteLine("{0:X}", x); Console.WriteLine("{0:D12}", x); Console.WriteLine("{0:C}", 189.99); } }
step 4 from the Preset selector drop-down list. Then just export the graphic. The process is visually summarized in Figure 29-16.
FileAccess.Read FileAccess.Write FileAccess.ReadWrite
The C# Language
Static Classes
Removable Memory Included: Power Source:
The New York statute and its related implementation showed a proper concern with, and protection of, the individual s interest in privacy. The Court, however, limited the effect of its decision by reserving for another day consideration of legal questions which could arise from unauthorized disclosures of information from a government database by a system that did not contain comparable security provisions. Justice Brennan s Concurring Opinion In his concurring opinion Justice William Brennan, more so than his colleagues, expressed his concern over the potential erosion of information privacy in the face of emerging technologies. The central storage and easy accessibility of computerized data vastly increase the potential for abuse of that information, and I am not prepared to say that future developments will not demonstrate the necessity of some curb on such technology. While this specific carefully designed program did not amount to a deprivation of constitutionally protected privacy interests, Justice Brennan suggested that there is a core right to informational privacy and stressed that future programs might be subjected to a compelling state interest test or strict scrutiny by the court of the government action. Justice Stewart s Concurring Opinion Justice Potter Stewart, in his concurrence, took issue with what he implicitly viewed as Justice Brennan s expansive privacy approach as well as with his brethren s view of constitutional privacy interests. According to Stewart, there is no general right of privacy in the Constitution. Moreover, in Stewart s view, privacy concerns are matters left largely to the individual states. Cautionary Note The Whalen Court expressed its concern about unwarranted disclosures from government databases. As Professor Lillian Bevier has explained: The fact that the government collects such great quantities of data gives rise to concern that the data will be inappropriately disseminated, within government or to outsiders, or that it will be otherwise misused or abused. Recent advances in computer technology, which permit data to be manipulated, organized, compiled, transferred, distributed, and retrieved with hitherto unimaginable ease, exacerbate such concern.27 With the exception of Justice Stewart, all of the justices adopted a prospective approach. That is, by intensely focusing on the facts of Whalen, the Court left itself with ample judicial wiggle room to find that government-mandated use of
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