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to return the answer True or False, but VBA is very tolerant. For example, you could write code in this way:
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The assumption behind this example is that it is restricting what traffic can come into a network. The first statement says that if any TCP session has any source
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Field sales management: All levels of field sales management require immediate on-line access to current sales performance and trend information. Special reporting capabilities provide information for sales analysis purposes. Additionally, first-line supervisors use detailed sales performance information to help coach individual sales representatives. Product management: Product management examines product sales information by various factors to gain insight on how to best support the field sales organization. Finance: Finance accesses sales performance and compensation data to evaluate return on sales expense dollars, administrative compliance, and revenue and profit contribution. Human resources: Human resources gather sales compensation payout information to evaluate external competitiveness and internal equity. Executive management: Executive management evaluates the overall effectiveness of the program by reviewing summary analytical reports on program performance.
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Central office Central office SONET ADM OC-48 Access ring
The process of input validation is used to make sure that the type and values of information are appropriate and reasonable. The types of input validation include Type checking Each input field should be programmed to accept only the type of data that is appropriate for the field. For instance, a numeric field should contain only numeric digits, and a name field should contain only alphabetic characters. Range and value checking Input fields need to validate the range and value of characters. For instance, the day field in a date should only accept figures from 1 through 31, and the month field 1 through 12. Even more intelligent checking is often warranted; for example, a date field often should be a date that is only in the past, or the future, or even a specific range of the past or future. Other examples include only valid ZIP or postal codes, only valid telephone numbers, and only valid IP addresses. In some cases, input data must match values in a table of data stored in the application; for instance, only valid city, state, or country codes, telephone area codes, or valid UPC codes. Existence This is a simple check to confirm that each input field actually contains data. Consistency This is a check that compares related data from different input fields. For instance, a ZIP code value in an input field can be validated by comparing it to the range of allowed ZIP codes for the city and state values. Length Programs must validate the length of input data in an input field. Fields like names and addresses are often limited to, say, 30 characters. This is especially important on interactive programs where intruders may attempt buffer overflow attacks in an attempt to cause the program to malfunction.
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This pink macule was found on the left foot of a 65-year-old woman while performing a total body skin examination. The patient was not aware of its presence. Diffuse pinpoint vessels and pink color could represent Bowen disease. Nonspecific dermatitis and psoriasis are in the clinical and dermoscopic differential diagnosis. Amelanotic melanoma and acute lichen planus-like keratosis are in the differential diagnosis. A solitary pink macule could be melanocytic, nonmelanocytic, benign, malignant, or inflammatory. 5. Diagnostic sensitivity and specificity are higher when dermoscopy is used to diagnose pigmented vs pink, feature poor or featureless skin lesions. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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To open an existing template file with the aim of creating a new document based on the template, choose File | New From Template to open the New From Template dialog, as shown in Figure 3-5. Here you can choose from a list containing many categories of professionally designed templates that came with CorelDRAW. Additional templates are found on the CorelDRAW DVD and on Some of the templates use typefaces you might not have installed from the CorelDRAW CD. If you choose to open a new document based on a template containing text, it s possible you ll get the Font Substitution dialog, discussed earlier in this chapter. If this happens, you can certainly open a new file based on the template, and then replace the typeface used in the document. Alternatively, you can install the fonts listed in this dialog and come back to the document later.
Now you will see why our new de nition of logarithm is so convenient. If we want to differentiate the logarithm function we can apply the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus: d d ln x = dx dx More generally, d 1 du ln u = . dx u dx EXAMPLE 6.3
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