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Protocol Analysis 522 Basic Telecommunications Technologies
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Problems References for Further Study
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// Use new-style specialization syntax template<> void swapargs<int>(int &a, int &b) { int temp; temp = a; a = b; b = temp; cout << "Inside specialized swapargs(int &, int &).\n"; }
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The SortedDictionary<TK, TV> Class
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It s difficult to say whether XI Release 2 or XI Release 1 is the company s biggest release to date as they both contain significant innovations. Many observers predicted that XI Release 1 would never happen. The key innovation in XI Release 1 was the integration and re-architecting of the product line to leverage the service-oriented, proven architecture of Crystal Enterprise. This re-architecting allows for open and more fine-grained security, greater scalability, and a broader suite of capabilities on a common platform. In XI Release 2, there are numerous innovations, but the one that will have the biggest impact on long-time customers is support for Desktop Intelligence (or full client documents) within the new platform. As well, Web Intelligence now provides a richness in authoring, analysis, and report consumption that will make it the preferred interface going forward. Customers can optionally convert documents to Web Intelligence (see 24 for a comparison of capabilities). Figure 1-8 provides a timeline of some of the company s major product innovations and key acquisitions. 1990 Patented semantic layer allows users to generate SQL using familiar business terminology. 1995 BusinessQuery for Excel (now discontinued) allowed users to launch a query directly from a spreadsheet and analyze the results in the spreadsheet. Live Office replaces this product in XI Release 2, supporting content from both Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence. 1996 BusinessObjects is rearchitected as a 32-bit application and introduces the microcube technology for Dynamic OLAP. 1997 Web Intelligence thin client is first introduced. 2000 InfoView Portal is released, along with BusinessObjects 5i, which offers full-client capabilities in three-tier mode. 2001 Auditor is launched, allowing administrators to track use of documents, universes, and objects by users and groups. 2001 Application Foundation and BusinessObjects Analytics are launched, providing companies with prebuilt applications as well as a development
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4QD (UK) Good high-power ESCs for vehicles and robots Duratrax (217) 398-6300 (Hobbico) Maker of R/C car speed controllers. Check with Hobbico or your local hobby store (see HiTec RCD). Futaba (256) 461-7348 All types of R/C equipment and ESCs. HiTec RCD (858) 748-8440 Maker of R/C car speed controllers. Check with Hobbico or your local hobby store (see Duratrax). Innovation First (used with FIRST robots) (903) 454-1978 Stout Victor 883 ESCs. Novak Maker of R/C car speed controllers. Check with your local hobby store (see also Traxxas).
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d y = e - X d ( s i n x ) + s i n x d ( e - X ) =e-X(cosx)cEu-e-x(sinx)dx
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Amplifier Design
Recreating DVD s Success A New Kind of Interactivity The Seamless User Experience Target Applications Additional Features Specialized User Input
ONU FTTC solution for residental areas
Adventure games are slow-paced games, filled with puzzles, in which the player typically follows a plot or storyline, often a fairly intricate one. The earliest ones were text-based, but adventure games quickly adopted graphics and their visual artistry is an important part of their appeal. Faster-paced games tend to stick with simple environments because there s not much point in creating beautiful backgrounds if the players are just going to move through them as quickly as possible. Lushly illustrated adventure games give you time and a reason to admire the scenery. They re particularly popular with female players, who often enjoy the exploration and puzzle-solving aspects without the frustration of having to try a tricky action move over and over before getting it right. There was a time when adventure games were the best-looking and best-selling PC games on the market, but in recent years they have largely been surpassed by other genres.
Nonpolymeric lipids are lipids that are not polymers or do not contain polymers as a major portion of their structure. They are also called nonsaponifiable lipids,
Unwinding continues in a zipper-like fashion.
If you eliminate the code that is specific to the three_d class, you are left with the skeleton for an inserter function, as shown here:
Pay Mix and Leverage
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// The first delegate example rewritten to use // statement lambdas. using System; // Declare a delegate type. delegate string StrMod(string s);
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