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The connection modes are illustrated in Figure 18-1. The latter two modes are proprietary to Cisco. The following three sections will discuss each of these modes in more depth. NOTE One restriction with remote access connections is that the remote can have only one tunnel up at a time.
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In most cases, an atypical clinical picture is overridden by a banal dermoscopic picture. At times, an atypical clinical picture trumps a banal dermoscopic picture and it is better to err on the side of conservatism and make a histopathologic diagnosis. Think in terms of a good clinico dermoscopic pathologic correlation. Multiple skin biopsies are often needed to diagnose melanoma when the clinical lesion is large. Use the most atypical dermoscopic area for an incisional biopsy.
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Anti-aliasing comes to the designer s rescue by averaging pixel colors when you resample such a checkerboard photo, or any photo. The anti-aliasing technique examines, in this example, areas that include both a white square and a black one, understands that both colors can t be assigned to only one pixel, and so writes a blend of colors gray to the new pixel color value. At left in this illustration, you can see some unwanted patterning toward the horizon this image was not anti-aliased when it was resampled to produce a larger image. At right, the same image was resampled using anti-aliasing; at 1:1 viewing, you can see the smooth transition as the checkerboard extends into the distance and the close-up shows the result of good anti-aliasing (some applications anti-alias poorly) gray is substituted for black and white when it s Aliased image Anti-aliased image a toss up for a single pixel color.
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Introduction to Telecommunications Network Measurements Introduction to Telecommunications Network Measurements 103
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of multimedia communications. Furthermore, circuit-switching equipment has a number of characteristics that are less than ideal and that negatively affect vendors and operators of that equipment. IP offers not only another technology choice, but also a new way of doing business, as described shortly. IP is an attractive choice for voice transport for several reasons. These include
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output, however, is nearly linear with forward current, so the LED can run usefully at lower current and light levels simply by increasing the series resistance. Since LEDs can be destroyed by reversing the leads, it is important to distinguish the anode (+ voltage lead) from the cathode ( voltage lead). If a speci cation sheet with a drawing is not available, polarity can be checked by connecting to a battery of 1.5 volts, which is suf cient to cause light output but generally less than the peak inverse voltage.
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Developers can suggest the following activities to Three learners.
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