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If these boxes are checked (they are by default), every time you start CorelDRAW it will access your Internet connection in the background and check in with the Corel website to see if any updates or files should be downloaded for you. So don t be alarmed if your computer s firewall software pops up a notice that CorelDRAW is trying to access the Internet. If CorelDRAW pops up a message that says that it could not find an Internet connection, it is likely that you will have to open your firewall software and give CorelDRAW permission to access the Internet. If you don t want CorelDRAW checking the website every time you start CorelDRAW, uncheck both of these boxes and then click the close box in the corner of the Update Settings dialog to apply the changed Update option settings. If you don t want to use the features offered by the Welcome screen, click the Close button. To never see the Welcome dialog again, click to uncheck the Show This Welcome Screen At Startup check box. To open the Welcome screen at any time, choose the Help | Welcome Screen.
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Operator overloading is closely related to method overloading. To overload an operator, use the operator keyword to define an operator method, which defines the action of the operator relative to its class. There are two forms of operator methods: one for unary operators and one for binary operators. The general form for each is shown here: // General form for overloading a unary operator public static ret-type operator op(param-type operand) { // operations } // General form for overloading a binary operator public static ret-type operator op(param-type1 operand1, param-type1 operand2) { // operations }
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Figure 5-3: Capture motion with a sequence of images.
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Multithreaded Programming
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Fig. 8.40
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Until recently, wax transfer disc printing was only available from Rimage, and only in monochrome, but now at least one other company has introduced a similar printer, and both they and Rimage have printers capable of multi-color printing. Advantages of this method of printing are that the resulting image is smear-proof, and they can look as sharp as screened images for the monochrome variety. The polychrome printing is generally not as high-resolution as inkjet printers are capable of, but the manufacturers are working to improve that. Physical limitations of the wax transfer process prevent much higher resolution for this type of printer, though. Also, the polychrome printers currently have a combined resolution of only 300 dpi, or 100 dpi per RGB color.
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Figure 25-1: The LEO concept In Figure 25-2 , the ground telemetry and control services are represented, called gateway feeder links. These also use spectrum in the Ka band. Iridium used approximately 16.5 MHz of bandwidth in the L band. The L band is also used from the handset to the satellite, whereas the Ka band is used from satellite to satellite communications, as shown in Figure 25-3 . The use of this L band allows low-powered handsets to communicate within the 413 nautical mile distances with the satellites.
When the torque equation and the spring-force equation are substituted into this equation, and when the results are integrated and evaluated with the boundary condition r = ri when q = 0, the resulting quadratic equation in r is r 2 - 2 rri + r i2 + 2 L1 C (r - ri ) - 1 C2 C2
Figure 3-12
their thumbnails. You can select contiguous files by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking the first and last thumbnails of the files you want to rename. You can select noncontiguous files by holding down the CTRL key (Windows) or the
Electricity is dangerous yet indispensable in our lives. Unfortunately the marine environment both worsens the hazards and degrades the materials. Understanding AC electricity and its effects on the body should convince you of the importance of AC wiring standards, such as those promoted by the ABYC. The basic safety problem stems from the fact that the human body is an electrochemical/mechanical system. At the center of this system is an advanced computer the brain. External stimuli are converted to electrical signals by transducers, such as the eyes (light to electricity), ears (sound to electricity) and nerves (touch and temperature to electricity). The electrical signals are conducted to the brain through nerve bers acting much like conducting wires. The brain processes the incoming information and then sends out appropriate electrical signals in response. The most obvious effect of the outgoing signals is the stimulation and contraction of muscles. Herein lies the danger of externally applied electrical current. Because the uids in your body have the same approximate composition as salt water, your body has the same electrical conductivity. If you bridge an electrical circuit, you becomes a part of that circuit, and electric current ows through it. Muscles in your body, including your heart, cannot distinguish between electrical signals from the brain and the electric current we call a shock. If you are fortunate, the involuntary muscle contraction propels you away from the source. A less fortunate reaction would be contraction of the muscles in the hand and a rigid grip on the source. Worst of all would be current through the chest and heart muscle, resulting in interruption of your heartbeat. Figure 7.7 compares the dangers of various current paths through the body. The second panel shows a shock that, although painful and possibly resulting in a burn, is not usually life-threatening. Since both hot and neutral or ground conductors are in the same hand, current ow is limited to the hand muscles. Herein lies the danger of electrical shock. The third gure explains why electricians often work with one hand in ticklish situations. If one hand were to contact a hot wire or case and the other hand a ground, the resulting current ow would be directly through the chest. The bottom gure illustrates the second dangerous situation: contact with a hot wire or case while standing on a wet and conductive ground. The current ow is again directly through the chest and heart.
Figure 5-15 Fiber optic cable with its connector removed to reveal its interior (Image courtesy Harout S. Hedeshian)
Some databases are not controversial. For example, in 3, Peter T. Higgins explained how the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) developed its biometric showcase, the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS), containing electronic fingerprint submissions for approximately 42.8 million individuals fingerprinted as a result of their arrest or incarceration. IAFIS can compare fingerprint images it receives from a suspect in custody with its huge database of fingerprints and determine whether there is a match within hours, or even minutes the average search time is 68 minutes. However, massive government-controlled databases also give rise to civil liberty concerns. Following up on the groundwork laid in 3, this chapter focuses on one such U.S. government database that has largely escaped public scrutiny. Recently, the FBI has begun taking steps to upgrade its civil files, which currently store the fingerprints of about 40 million Americans. These people are not terrorists, criminals, arrestees, or suspects. Rather, they are current and former federal government employees, U.S. military members, and naturalized immigrants, along with others. Traditionally, the FBI s civil files system consisted of tens of millions of tenprint cards, or completed paper forms that contained the fingerprints, captured (or rolled ) in ink, of a person s eight fingers and two thumbs. The FBI physically filed these tenprint cards in warehouses. However, the Bureau has established a new, automated civil files system that stores in a comprehensive computerized database the electronic images of those fingerprints received since May 2000. For example, the tenprint card of a Vietnam War era soldier sits in a warehouse, whereas a new Army recruit s fingerprints are electronically stored. This new civil files system provides the FBI with a solid foundation for an impressive technical capability to search the civil files as part of its national security work, for criminal investigation efforts, or for other reasons. A latent fingerprint found at any crime scene could be searched against the civil files database for a possible match. In this way, searching the civil files might help solve crimes. However, the FBI s new system also raises civil liberty and privacy concerns. To civil libertarians, the system is an example of the Big Brother that George Orwell warned us about in his classic book 1984. To others, the system represents the powerful beginnings of a national identification system that means we inevitably lose our individual privacy. This chapter discusses this new FBI capability in an historical context and highlights the beneficial uses it brings to public safety as well as the concerns it potentially poses to civil liberty and related interests. It concludes by offering several policy recommendations and calling for further public discussion of this issue.3
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