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The fclose( ) function closes a stream that was opened by a call to fopen( ). It writes any data still remaining in the disk buffer to the file and does a formal operatingsystem level close on the file. Failure to close a stream invites all kinds of trouble, including lost data, destroyed files, and possible intermittent errors in your program. fclose( ) frees the file control block associated with the stream and makes it available for reuse. There is an operating system limit to the number of open files you can have at any one time, so it may be necessary to close one file before opening another. The fclose( ) function has the prototype int fclose(FILE *fp); where fp is the file pointer returned by the call to fopen( ). A return value of 0 signifies a successful close operation; an EOF is returned if an error occurs. Generally, fclose( ) will fail only when a diskette has been prematurely removed from the drive or if there is no more space on the disk.
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The output from the program is shown here:
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Table 1 to the answers of question 2c. What might have caused any differences
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The ability to deal with corporate decision-making processes at a rapid pace Readiness to deal with issues, regardless of the time of day, day of week, or availability of executives The continued restructuring and reengineering of the organization, which requires fewer people to perform more functions The changing workforce, in which talent and skill sets are no longer as available as they were, making technology a necessary solution Preparing the administrative assistants who have supplanted the administrative and support staff of old (secretarial support) to deal with issues when the senior staff is not available Ensuring the availability of the information that is needed to achieve these goals
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Report Generation for Memory Optimization
Electrical Installation
The C and C++ I/O systems have one important thing in common: they both operate on streams, which are discussed in Part One of this book. The fact that C and C++ streams are similar means that what you already know about streams is completely applicable to C++.
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executes, val is passed to the n parameter of AbsDivideBy( ) and 2 is passed to the d parameter. As a point of interest, because the methods Reciprocal( ) and AbsDivideBy( ) are defined for double, it is legal to invoke them on a double literal, as shown here:
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