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3871 S.W. 31st Street Hollywood, FL 33023 (305) 981-9462 EV maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting.
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#include <cstdlib> using namespace std; class array { int *p; int size; public: array(int sz) { try { p = new int[sz]; } catch (bad_alloc xa) { cout << "Allocation Failure\n"; exit(EXIT_FAILURE); } size = sz; } ~array() { delete [] p; } // copy constructor array(const array &a);
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The two steps that we have just taken to add the cash amount on the left- and right-hand sides of this simple balance sheet demonstrate double-entry bookkeeping. Note that the totals have also increased. Let s continue. Now that we are flush with cash, we can splurge on some furniture. Let s say we spend $5000 of our cash. Cash decreases by this amount (step one of double-entry bookkeeping) and a new item called Furniture worth $5000 appears (step two). In effect, the $10,000 in starting Cash has been redistributed, so that half remains as Cash and the other half is now classified under Furniture. There is no change in the totals for either side of the balance sheet.
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you would not be able to compile this program because of the access violation. Although access to alpha by code outside of MyClass is not allowed, methods defined within MyClass can freely access it, as the SetAlpha( ) and GetAlpha( ) methods show. The same is true for beta. The key point is this: A private member can be used freely by other members of its class, but it cannot be accessed by code outside its class.
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followed by a carriage return and linefeed. In general, you can run together as many << output operations as you want. The rest of the program demonstrates how you can read and write a string using cin >> and cout <<. When inputting a string, cin >> stops reading when the first white-space character is encountered. This is similar to the way the standard C function scanf( ) works when inputting a string.
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Construction Management When BIM is incorporated in existing construction management classes, it will perform very differently in beginning classes (first two years of the program), where the students have no prior construction knowledge, than in advanced classes (last two years of the program). The first two years of a curriculum in construction management are devoted to the familiarization of the students with the basic concepts and skills related to the construction industry. Learning the use of BIM can aid the students in learning to visualize components of structures and their relationships to one another. Building a project model also develops (and tests) the ability to visualize a project from construction documents. Classical drafting is disappearing from the modern curricula. Drafting has traditionally been the best way for students to develop the ability to read plans and learn to visualize the relationships between 2D and 3D representations. The drafting exercises have not been replaced with anything equally robust to teach these critical skills. With the advent of BIM it is again possible to use the 2D construction documents of a project to build a 3D model, so that plan reading and visualization skills are developed in an even more efficient manner than through the old drafting exercises. The introduction of BIM into classes which address estimating, scheduling, productivity analysis, etc., is even more challenging because it supposes a rather substantial understanding of the BIM and various analysis tools. To utilize the BIM in peripheral subjects, the students must already have completed the fundamental BIM training. This will allow the class to focus on the subject at hand and treat it in relation to BIM, rather than focus on the BIM process required for the specific subject. This also explains why it is important for BIM students to have enough understanding of all related construction management subjects to be able to understand and apply BIM concepts. Most exercises will consist of the interaction between both construction and BIM concepts and processes. A SmartBoard is a good tool to engage several students at the same time in a BIM discussion. The interactive nature of this tool makes it ideal for educational purposes. See Fig. 4.12 where the SmartBoard at CSU Chico serves as a medium for a model analysis. Figure 4.12 The SmartBoard in use by students and faculty in the lab.
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that makes the point. Note that the cost of correcting an error increases geometrically, rising sharply the longer it takes to identify the problem. An error caught on the computer monitor, for example, before anything s been printed, costs your company about $5. If the error is caught once the document has been printed, xing it costs your company about $50. If the document has been sent to a commercial printer and lm has been created before the error is caught, correcting it costs the company close to $500. And if the item has been printed, the error costs a minimum of $5,000 to x. Proo ng as you write, and at every step of the revision process, helps you catch errors earlier rather than later.
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With this little side calculation and remembering that integrating produces a constant of integration, the integration produces
3-D modeling, you should definitely try to get some experience in one or the other of them. Maya has a free tutorial version that will let you become familiar with the features and user interface, although you won t be able to use the resulting files in a game. The various tools available include 3ds max from Discreet (shown in Figure 6-7) Maya from Alias|Wavefront LightWave 3-D from NewTek Softimage|3D from Softimage
wooden or plastic molecular model set (ball and stick) ruler protractor aluminum foil sharp pencil pliers unlined paper (5 sheets)
In general, in a declaration statement, following a type name with an * creates a pointer type. The type of data that a pointer will point to is determined by its referent type. Thus, in the preceding examples, ip can be used to point to an int, and fp can be used to point to a float. Understand, however, that there is nothing that actually prevents a pointer from pointing elsewhere. This is why pointers are potentially unsafe. If you come from a C/C++ background, then you need to be aware of an important difference between the way C# and C/C++ declare pointers. When you declare a pointer type in C/C++, the * is not distributive over a list of variables in a declaration. Thus, in C/C++, this statement
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