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Clean up, encode View, verify codec, bitrate, framerate, frame size Conform, confirm length with video length Conform, confirm length with video length Conform, confirm length with video length Check synchronization Create/integrate graphics, slice graphics, optimize palette index and create button highlight states Create/integrate graphics, slice graphics, optimize palette index and create button highlight states Digitize, correct color, create button highlight states Add timecodes at proper framerate Create timecode-filename mapping file
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and improving the performance of bridges through repairs and retro ts. Timely maintenance helps to correct things that may have gone wrong during the design or construction phase. 2. FHWA de nes maintenance as Routine and/or regular activities, including preventative, maintenance actions, which are intended to preserve and maintain a structure s original serviceability and functionality. A well known de nition of reconstruction or rehabilitation is Comprehensive or major repairs of a structure s most deteriorated elements to restore and signi cantly extend its original serviceability and functionality. 3. Rehabilitation work covers many areas (Figure 2.1) and can be described as both major and minor repairs. Minor rehabilitations address non-structural repair or improvement of certain bridge elements. Examples are concrete surface repair, deck overlays, joint and bearing restoration, minor repair to primary steel members, secondary member steel repair, and restoration of steel members by adding cover plates and high strength bolts.
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Private Network Router Router Private Network Router
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Related Properties
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Clubs, Associations, and Organizations
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Breaking long lines in this fashion is often used to make programs more readable. It can also help prevent excessively long lines from wrapping. You may have noticed in the previous examples that certain statements were indented. C# is a free-form language, meaning that it does not matter where you place statements relative to each other on a line. However, over the years, a common and accepted indentation style has developed that allows for very readable programs. This book follows that style, and it is recommended that you do so as well. Using this style, you indent one level after each opening brace and move back out one level after each closing brace. There are certain statements that encourage some additional indenting; these will be covered later.
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The most common agent function is to watch the system and look for problems as defined in a rule base. Ideally, this rule base is administered centrally and shared by all similar agents. The agent s job is to send an appropriate message whenever an item in the rule base is triggered, as illustrated in Figures 6-9 and 6-10. These items can consist of both errors, or traps, and collections of information such as traffic thresholds, disk utilization, and log sizes.
5.1.2 Designing phase-locked loops
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Sequence Number Randomization
Chemistry: Matter and Change
Fiber and WDM
Ethernet over MPLS enables providers to offer an immense number of service instances over one common network and to provide carrier-class Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) for those services. The reason an immense number of services may be offered is because EoMPLS layers services onto MPLS LSPs, isolating the core of the network from any knowledge of the services being carried over the network. Carrier-class SLAs may be offered because EoMPLS typically runs on carrier-class nodes, supporting the node and traffic protection mechanisms discussed in MPLS Protection, and supporting the QoS mechanisms discussed in MPLS QoS. The ability of MPLS to offer differentiated QoS enables service providers to offer their customers a range of tiered SLAs.
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Figure 27-21. AnyConnect connection profiles
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