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bit 2 is set to 1 and bit 3 contains the A-bit for sending an alarm to the far end. The S-bits are all intended for international and national use and, when unused, are set to logical 1. Once the demultiplexer has achieved frame alignment, it can separate the individual 64 kbps channels in the frame. If three out of four frame alignment words are received in error, the terminal declares loss of frame alignment and initiates a resynchronization process. The recovery criterion is one correct frame alignment word, one nonframe word bit 2 (logical 1), followed by one correct frame alignment word. When the 2 Mbps frame was used exclusively for PCM voice transmission, the frame alignment criterion was very reliable. With data transmission, however, the traffic can simulate the frame alignment and nonframe alignment words, meaning false framing is possible. A new, more robust standard has been developed, building on the earlier framing standard; this will be discussed shortly. Once the multiplexer has gained frame alignment, it searches in TS16 for the multiframe alignment signal (0000) in bits 1 4. This marks frame 0 of the group of 16 frames, called the multiframe (shown in Figure 7.6). The multiframe is necessary only when channel-associated signaling (CAS) is used. Timeslot 16 then contains pairs of 4-bit ABCD signaling words. Over a complete multiframe, all 30 channels are serviced. If common-channel signaling (CCS) is used, then multiframe alignment is unnecessary; TS16 is used simply as a 64 kbps data channel for CCS messages, or it can be turned over to revenue-earning traffic (giving a total of 31 channels for the payload). The 2 Mbps frame structure just described is in widespread use. It has some limitations, however, particularly with increased data transmission and demand for online performance monitoring.
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E X A M P L E 4.2
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Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
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The Console Connection
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Repair Item I. D. Description Lowering Roadway up to 3 Inches to Increase Clearance (including traf c control) Two Lanes 1 2 Arterial highway (1000 feet improvement length) Other highway (500 feet improvement length)
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Part II:
Circuit Analysis Demysti ed
Calculation 50% x $25,000 = $12,500 100% x $25,000 = $25,000 (100% x $25,000) + (2% x 25 x $25,000) = $37,500
inline editing of crypto maps (for virtual private networks, or VPNs), and a preview function to examine IOS commands before a configuration is committed to a router. SDM was designed by Cisco to allow you to perform basic administration functions and to manage the security features of your router. SDM cannot perform all functions that can be performed from the CLI, such as the configuration of complex QoS policies or the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing protocol, to name a couple. Nor are all interface types supported within SDM, such as ISDN and dialup. However, for the features and interface types not supported, you can still configure these from the CLI of the router. Likewise, most troubleshooting tasks are still done from the CLI with show and debug commands.
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Neighbor Solicitation Message Tuning
Data Rate
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