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with burning and dodging to make the top, dark part of the scratch lighter and the light, bottom part of the scratch darker. But the best you can do is reduce the width of the dark and light parts of the scratch to very thin lines. To get rid of them completely, you need the Smudge tool, also identified on the Toolbox in Figure 4-4. The name of the Smudge tool is fairly self-explanatory: It works pretty much the way your finger would if you used it to mix together two stripes of black and white paint next to each other. Some of the white paint gets into the black, and some of the black gets into the white. Soon you have a mixture of gray that blends off nicely to both the white and black sides so there s no sudden demarcation to identify the scratch. Eyedropper and Paint Tools Many of the corrections in the blanket area are
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Integrated with the load-balancing functions previously described, NetScaler has several ways of improving response time and scalability. These include SSL offload, compression, caching, and protocol optimizations.
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The Zachman enterprise architecture framework, established in the late 1980s, continues to be the dominant EA standard today. Zachman likens IT enterprise architecture to the construction and maintenance of an office building: at a high (abstract, not number of floors) level, the office building performs functions such as containing office space. As we look into increasing levels of detail in the building, we encounter various trades (steel, concrete, drywall, electrical, plumbing, telephone, fire control, elevators, and so on), each of which has its own specifications, standards, regulations, construction and maintenance methods, and so on. In the Zachman model, IT systems and environments are described at a high, functional level, and then in increasing detail, encompassing systems, databases, applications, networks, and so on. The Zachman framework is illustrated in Table 2-1. While the Zachman model allows an organization to peer into cross-sections of an IT environment that supports business processes, the model does not convey the relationships between IT systems. Data flow diagrams are used instead to depict information flows.
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Access Layer
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We have seen sets and functions throughout this review chapter, but it is well to bring out some of the ideas explicitly. A set is a collection of objects. We denote a set with a capital roman letter, such as S or T or U . If S is a set and s is an object in that set then we write s S and we say that s is an element of S. If S and T are sets then the collection of elements common to the two sets is called the intersection of S and T and is written S T . The set of elements that are in S or in T or in both is called the union of S and T and is written S T . A function from a set S to a set T is a rule that assigns to each element of S a unique element of T . We write f : S T . EXAMPLE 1.21
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Security Basics
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Learning Objectives
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NOTE If you do not see the list of actions beneath the document name, click the down arrow to
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The next section will discuss these in more depth.
Firewall Tab
Connections: Image Formats: Video Capture Format: Video Capture Resolutions: Frames per Second: Maximum Video Length: Size: Weight: Other Features:
Driver Issues
The Form of a C Program
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