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Desktop Intelligence allows you to use the results of one query as a filter list in another query. At first glance, this sounds a lot like a subquery! In some respects it is, but the queryon-query capability is ever more powerful because Your filter list can come from an entirely different data source, whereas with a subquery, you access the same data source. Subqueries can cause slow performance, whereas query on query is often better. This does depend, though, on how many values you are comparing. If your filter list is thousands of rows, this data travels the network between the database and your desktop, whereas a subquery utilizes the database server completely. Also, certain databases have an upper limit for how many items can appear in a WHERE clause. To understand subqueries, first review the section on subqueries in 23. Assume you want to know how sales are doing for products that were promoted in a particular period. In this example, you first build the query to get a list of those products. This list of products is your first data provider. As a second step, you use the list of promoted products
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Spontaneous abortion or stillbirth Preeclampsia Preterm delivery Placental abruption Cardiac arrhythmias, congestive heart failure Low birth weight Thyroid storm Hyperemesis gravidarum
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C-Based I/O
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container provided by your teacher. 2. Return all lab equipment to its proper place. 3. Report any broken or damaged equipment. 4. Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the lab.
The terminal adapter (TA) is the semi-intelligent device that lets a TE2 connect to the S/T ISDN interface. The primary function of the TA is to run the ISDN interface for our TE2. The functionality varies widely due to the manu-facturers. Some are simple and support only one TE2; others support two TE2s and an analog telephone. The TA need not be a stand-alone box; it can come on a PC card and plug into the computer s internal bus. With the proper software to run the card, this instantly creates a TE1 out of your computer.
Carrier Ethernet
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// Assign values to fields in office. office.Occupants = 25; office.Area = 4200; office.Floors = 3; Console.WriteLine("Maximum occupants for house if each has " + 300 + " square feet: " + house.MaxOccupant(300)); Console.WriteLine("Maximum occupants for office if each has " + 300 + " square feet: " + office.MaxOccupant(300)); } }
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