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If you own a digital SLR and notice what looks like dust specks on your images, you may need to clean your camera s sensor. Clean the camera s image sensor by removing the lens and then using a menu command to flip up the mirror. While the mirror is locked in the upward position, use a gentle burst of air from a blower to dislodge any dust that may have accumulated on the image sensor when you changed lenses. Do not touch the image sensor with the blower. Never use a compressed air canister to clean the image sensor, because compressed air canisters contain liquid propellants that will be blown onto the image sensor and foul it. If you foul the image sensor with a liquid, you ll have to take your camera to a camera store to have it professionally cleaned. Refer to your camera manual for detailed instructions on cleaning your camera s image sensor. There are also kits with swabs and chemicals that are used to professionally clean sensors. If you decide to use sensor cleaning swabs make sure they are of the highest quality and are specifically designed for the purpose of cleaning camera sensors. Sensor cleaning swabs are non-abrasive. To clean a sensor with a swab, you wet it with the solution, and then gently pass it over the sensor from edge to edge without touching the DSLR chamber. There are also brushes that can be used to clean camera sensors. The VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly sensor brush shown in the image to the left is battery powered. To clean a sensor with the brush, prior to inserting the brush in the camera, you push a button, which spins the brush and charges it. You then gently rub the brush over the sensor taking care not to touch the sensor chamber. The charge attracts the dust particles to the brush, which once you remove the brush from the camera are expelled by pushing the button, which spins the brush. Beware of companies selling artist brushes for sensor cleaning. Artist brushes sweep the dust off the sensor and you run the risk of scratching the sensor.
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Table 13.4 Radar Near Range (Blind Zone), N1, in Feet
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An Introduction to Synchronous Signals and Networks 310 Wide Area Networks
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Collections, Enumerators, and Iterators
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With the Windows operating system, you need to safely remove the device from your system by clicking the Safely Remove Hardware button in the system tray, and then selecting your camera from the list of devices connected to your system. On a Macintosh computer, dismount the device from your system by dragging it to the trashcan. If you re downloading images with a card reader, safely remove the memory card from the card reader, after which you can insert another card and download images.
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Tent Card The Tent Card layout format, shown at right, divides your document page size into two equal horizontal portions, while each portion is considered a separate page. Because tent card output is folded in the center, each of your document pages is printed in sequence and positioned to appear upright after folding.
As this example illustrates, to cause more than one base class to be inherited, you must use a comma-separated list. Further, be sure to use an access specifier for each base class inherited.
3.6.2 General Preventive Measures
As usual, we measure depth downward from the surface with independent variable h. Then the range of integration will be h = 20 4 = 16 to h = 20 + 4 = 24. Refer to Figure 8.42. For h between 16 and 20, we notice that the right triangle in Figure 8.42 is isosceles and hence has base of length
and automatically selects the first search object found. If more objects are found to match your search criteria, the Find dialog offers several command buttons: click Find Previous to return to the previous object (if any), Find Next to proceed to the next object (if any), Find All to instantly select all search objects on your document page, and Edit Search to return to the Find Wizard.
int putchar(int c) { return putc(c, stdout); }
Click More Options to open the More Options dialog box, which enables you to choose a color space with which the images are printed. Unless you ve changed the profile in your camera or within Photoshop Elements, this step is not needed. If you have changed the color profile, choose sRGBIEC6 1966-2.1 to print the image on an inkjet printer. Click Print to print the picture package.
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