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number to differentiate the subinterfaces for each physical interface. Once you create a subinterface, notice that the prompt changed from Router(config)# to Router(config-subif)#. Once you create a subinterface, you can delete it by prefacing the interface command with the no parameter. However, once you delete the subinterface, the subinterface still exists in the router s memory.To completely remove the subinterface, you need to save your configuration and reboot your router. Also, if you want to change the subinterface type from multipoint to point-to-point or vice versa, you must delete the subinterface, save your configuration, and reboot your router.
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Type P Voltage regulator Regulator bypass Field coil
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receivable department would have to reenter the order into its own accounting system, which most likely used a different set of customer codes. If you wanted to combine actual sales data (accounts receivable) with shipment dates (orders), it was generally not possible. Early decision support systems with their proprietary nature gave way to executive information systems (EISs) in the late 1980s. Executive information systems were expensive to implement but provided graphical dashboards based on a broader set of information, sometimes with feeds from external data sources. At the time, products such as Lightship by Pilot Software, Inc., Forest and Trees by Platinum Technology, and Commander Decision by Comshare, Incs, were breakthrough applications and in high demand. The fundamental problem with EIS systems was that E stood for executive. Companies soon realized that not only executives but all decision-makers needed access to information. Some savvy marketing companies later would tout their products as everyone s information system. However, until organizations fixed the back-end data, the stale, silo-based information could not be actionable, regardless of how pretty it looked in a dashboard or a briefing book. At the time, data warehousing was not a generally accepted technology, so moving beyond silo-based information systems was mission impossible. What surprises me is that even today, the most often cited barrier to a successful enterprise BI deployment is lack of an integrated data architecture. Fail to address the back-end systems, and your BusinessObjects XI implementation will fail. Potentially, the latest approaches to dashboards (and other innovations) make the concept of everyone s information system a greater reality. I find Business Objects recent advertising campaign both appropriate and amusing, since it highlights some of the historical mistakes in the BI industry. One ad shows a warehouse employee with a tag line Meet the CEO of shocks and spokes. The ad emphasizes that BI belongs in the hands of every employee in an organization, not just in the hands of a few executives.
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An NDA is a short, simple contract in which the person promises not to reveal the secret in exchange for getting the opportunity to hear about it. There s no money involved; being in on the secret is their compensation for promising to keep it secret. You can find sample NDAs on the World Wide Web, or you can have a lawyer write one for you.
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Getting Ready for BusinessObjects XI
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The prototype for strcat( ) is found in <string.h>. The strcat( ) function concatenates a copy of str2 to str1 and terminates str1 with a null. The null terminator originally ending str1 is overwritten by the first character of str2. The string str2 is untouched by the operation. The strcat( ) function returns str1. Remember that no bounds checking takes place, so it is the programmer s responsibility to ensure that str1 is large enough to hold both its original contents and the contents of str2.
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count = count + 1;
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Display info using Entry. Ken: 555 7756 Mary: 555 9876 Tom: 555 3456 Todd: 555 3452 Display info using Key and Value directly. Ken: 555 7756 Mary: 555 9876 Tom: 555 3456 Todd: 555 3452
Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
Use the Edit Text button on the Text Bar and the Property Bar if you re not getting the results you need by selecting the Drop Cap to change the font style. The Edit Text box is like Windows WordPad, a mini word processor, where you can select characters with precision and edit text very quickly, for those designs where long paragraphs of extremely ornamental typefaces are slowing you down.
In this chapter, you will
SOLUTION What we should do is divide this problem into the two integrals
The value of (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 1 2 0 3 3
public int a; public X(int x) { a = x; } } class Test : ICloneable { public X o; public int b; public Test(int x, int y) { o = new X(x); b = y; } public void Show(string name) { Console.Write(name + " values are "); Console.WriteLine("o.a: {0}, b: {1}", o.a, b); } // Make a deep copy of the invoking object. public object Clone() { Test temp = new Test(o.a, b); return temp; } } class CloneDemo { static void Main() { Test ob1 = new Test(10, 20); ob1.Show("ob1"); Console.WriteLine("Make ob2 a clone of ob1."); Test ob2 = (Test) ob1.Clone(); ob2.Show("ob2"); Console.WriteLine("Changing ob1.o.a to 99 and ob1.b to 88."); ob1.o.a = 99; ob1.b = 88; ob1.Show("ob1"); ob2.Show("ob2"); } }
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5: IT Service Delivery and Infrastructure
7. Next, overload so that it removes an element from the set, as shown here: // Remove an element from the set. public static Set operator -(Set ob, char ch) { Set newset = new Set(); int i = ob.find(ch); // i will be -1 if element not found // Copy and compress the remaining elements. for(int j=0; j < ob.Length; j++) if(j != i) newset = newset + ob.members[j]; return newset; }
Imagine trying to control the same robot with 12 sticks on the R/C transmitter while trying to do battle with another robot that is speeding toward you. The computer-enhanced R/C is crucial to sophisticated mechanical designs.
four physical links each, to one of the paired virtual bridges in the distribution layer. Only those access bridges connected to paired virtual bridge E are shown. The number of access bridges, and hence UNI ports, could clearly be quite large. The important thing to notice about Figure 13.14 is that, as far as the control protocols are concerned, there are no redundant links, and hence no possible loops, present in this network, except in the core cloud (A D). Between the distribution layer and the core, you can employ a technique such as the one described in Bridge Gateways so that the distribution layer bridges can determine which of the links to the core are used for which EVCs. From there on down, there is only a single path from paired virtual bridge to paired virtual bridge available; hence no routing protocol is necessary. Of course, to get from one distribution layer paired virtual bridge to another, the data must pass through the core. However, this structure is extremely robust, failures and recoveries are handled extremely quickly, and the simplicity of the network enables the operator to configure quality of service or bandwidth guarantees easily.
Wireless Essentials
Access Points
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