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dynamic address translations. Use the clear ip nat translation * command to clear the dynamic translations from the address translation table. Use debug ip nat to see the actual translation process.
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4. The Reset button does not reset the preset shape; instead, it calls the last-used preset.
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Amount of concentrated sulfuric acid (drops)
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Before reading this chapter, it is important to understand the following terms: Fault Tolerance means having a backup system to activate during a primary system failure. An example of fault tolerance with regard to Presentation Server is using database clustering for the data store. Disaster Recovery is the capability of an organization to provide businesscritical information in the event of a disaster. Disaster recovery consists of activities and processes designed to return the business to an acceptable service level after an unplanned event. Disaster Recovery Plan is having a management-approved document that defines the resources, tasks, and data required to manage the technical recovery effort. Business Continuity is the capability of an organization to ensure continuity of service and support for its customers after an unplanned event. Also, business continuity represents the capability of an organization to maintain viability before, after, and during an event.
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A well-protected boat may lose electronics. The problem is that today s solid-state electronics are very intolerant of voltage surges. It doesn t matter whether the surge comes from a direct lightning hit or from current induced in the antenna, microphone, or power leads by the magnetic eld pulse of a nearby strike. Two basic approaches to protecting electronics are: (1) shorting the surges, and (2) disconnecting all the leads.
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Frequency, distribution of parameter values Frequency of insert, update, delete, and retrieval operations Frequency, distribution of parameter values
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Beginning with version 2.0, C# has included an option that significantly simplifies the syntax that assigns a method to a delegate. This feature is called method group conversion, and it allows you to simply assign the name of a method to a delegate, without using new or explicitly invoking the delegate s constructor. For example, here is the Main( ) method of the preceding program rewritten to use method group conversions:
NOTE If your InfoView session times out or if you log out of InfoView before closing your
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choose the TTF file where you saved it in the Export dialog.
In the United States, the central standards body is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). According to the ANSI web site (, ANSI itself does not develop American National Standards. Instead, ANSI facilitates development by establishing consensus among qualified organizations. ANSI ensures that its guiding principles of consensus, due process, and openness are followed by its accredited organizations. Of the more than 150 accredited standards bodies, two important organizations for biometrics are the Accredited Standards Committee X9 Incorporated for the Financial Services Industry and the International Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS).
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at the start of the first example program is not technically needed. It is, however, a valuable convenience. The reason it s not necessary is that in C# you can always fully qualify a name with the namespace to which it belongs. For example, the line
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