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Step 3: Determine the Subnet Mask
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Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
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Section III: Topics in Obstetrics
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A green grounding wire is required in all shorepower cables, but since the grounding wire is considered normally non-current-carrying, it may be of smaller size than the current-carrying conductors. Commonly, it is one size smaller. The shore end of the cable must have a locking and grounding cap with the proper male (plug) connector that matches the female shore receptacle (see Figure 9.2). The boat end of the cable must have a locking and grounding cap with the proper female (receptacle) connector to match the boat s male power inlet. Figure 9.3 shows the boat and shore ends of a 30 A/120 VAC, 1 shore-power cable. The weatherproof sleeves slide over the connectors.
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Retro t and strengthening methods are distinct from repairs and may include a host of components. The deck slab is most vulnerable and is likely to require repair, strengthening, or retro t every 15 years for most bridges. Bearings for existing bridges require retro t for increased seismic resistance and scour countermeasures for footings. Underpinning: During stage construction, the existing deck slab may be temporarily supported by steel posts and beams prior to demolition. Any underpinning will be removed after the new deck is in position. Strengthening methods may be summarized as: 1. Concrete deck repairs by patching 2. Epoxy injection 3. Deck protection by HDC
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Compound Assignments
Answer: d
Figure 2-2
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ITU-T Y.1731 IEEE 802.1ag
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